The would-be robbers that targeted Valu Mart and stole the security guard’s gun on Friday (Oct 10) are still on the loose. Police PRO Inspector Lyndon David, in an update on the case Tuesday (Oct 14), told The Observer neither the escape vehicle nor the bandits have been found. Two armed men carjacked a medical student after 2pm Friday at New Road and used her vehicle to attempt to rob the supermarket at the Horsfords Complex on Wellington Road shortly after. Police reported, ” While searching for the vehicle, police received a report of a ‘shots fired call” at the Valu Mart parking lot. The same car that was being sought was fired upon by police after they observed the occupants of the vehicle attempting to disarm the security guard. Police officers in plain clothes saw what was taking place and rushed to the aid of the security guard. The assailants disarmed the security guard. One (1) of the police officers discharged his firearm in an attempt to arrest the assailants who fled the scene in the stolen vehicle.”No one was hurt in either incident. Police later recovered the stolen vehicle, a Grey Nissan Altima (P 8330), after it was abandoned in the nearby Ponds Estate area. “The vehicle sustained two bullet holes in the rear windscreen that exited through the front windshield. It is unknown if the passenger was hit as there was no visible signs of blood in the recovered vehicle. The suspects escaped in a white pickup truck that was parked in the area.”One of the perpetrators is described as a young black male between 20-30 years of age, about 6feet tall with facial hair, wearing a red plaid long sleeve shirt, jean pants, and a black cap with gold letters. Inspector David said persons can still come forward with relevant information that may lead to the capture of the offenders.