Police Probe 3rd Murder In One Week by LK Hewlett

It was a sad scene in Lime Kiln last night as yet another mother cried over her murdered son. At 7:35pm (Dec 8) gunshots perforated the otherwise quiet evening and sent Buckleys and Lime Kiln residents rushing to the Lime Kiln football field to find a young man mortally wounded. A shirtless 22-year-old Gavin “Bigz”Whyte of Buckleys Estate lay in the grass, his head riddled with gunshot wounds. Residents say approximately 10 to 12 shots were heard; about 5 at first with a brief pause and the rest followed in quick sucession. Persons on the scene said Whyte was sitting on a plastic drum talking with two other males when someone on a bicycle rode up to them on the field and opened fire on only Whyte. When Whyte fell off the drum, the bike man went over him and delivered the fatal head shots before riding off. Whyte’s family was on the secene crying loudly even before police and EMS arrived less than 10 minutes after. EMS personnel viewed the body before heading back to the ambulance and leaving a short while after. Plain clothes officers attempted to move the swelling crowd of onlookers back and someone sent for a sheet to cover the victim’s body. Police Commissioner CG Walwyn also turned up to the scene. Whyte gained notoriety when he was charged with the May 2012 shooting murder of Dale “Hotboy”Wattley and then again when he was wanted for questioning in the murder of 1 9-year-old Kaheel Herbert at the JNF hospital emergency room in September. This is the third shooting murder in St. Kitts over an 8-day span. The Federation’s murder toll is now at 19, with 23 homicides in total.