Queeley: Police Focused On Reducing Violent Crime Staff Reporter Story Updated: June 04 th 2015 at 11:55 am
Police are doing all in their power to tackle an upswing in violent crime, even as they celebrate an overall drop in crime over the same period last year. “Other areas are down but violent crime is up. Not that we laud that position because we want all categories to be down,” Assistant Commissioner of Police Ian Queeley with responsibility for Crime told the Observer this week. “We are doing all in our power to make sure that it goes down.” The ACP referred to a series of crime-fighting initiatives recently announced by the Acting Police Commissioner Stafford Liburd. They include implementing traditional and modern community policing methods in neighbourhoods, greater police visibility in areas where crime is occurring, wider deployment of the Force’s mobile command vehicle, and increased use of new technology like CCTV cameras. A summary of statistics issued by police this week, indicate that overall reported crime dropped by 55 percent over last year in the period January to April. “There were 634 reported cases in the major crime category in 2013. The figure decreased to 401 in 2014 and was recorded at 180 reported cases from January to April in 2015,”a press release issued by the Government’s Information Service says. It acknowledges that there were increases in violent crime. “However, there were increases recorded in the area of murder and shootings. Major crime covers incidences of murder, breaking, larceny, robbery, wounding, firearm and drug and malicious damage/arson,” the release states. Mr. Queeley insists that the perception that crime is rampant in the Federation is based on the increase in the violent crime. “I have said it in no uncertain terms, there is a belief within the community that crime is the responsibility of the police, but the police are only one facet of the crime fighting machinery, and I refer to the parenting. What are the parents doing?” he asks. “The people who are committing these crimes are living in society. Many know what’s going on and in many cases they are protecting criminals, even just withholding information.” He maintains that the situation is further compounded by the lack of parental guidance from male figures.