It’s always been said that 13 is an unlucky number and as the law of gravity goes, what is good for one is bad for another. Of course, the number 13 is also considered as lucky for some. Is it by coincidence the year 2013 was such an interesting year for the people of St. Kitts and Nevis? It behooves me that our nation had to endure such manmade turmoil that only proved the theory of evolution correct. Let me divert for a minute now and apologize for not doing a “Person of the Year” nomination this year as I’ve been doing for the past several years. This is mainly due to the state of affairs in Nevis and the fact that our substantive portions have been diluted. What started off 2013 as a peaceful and promising year progressed into being most intriguing?The first positive turned out to be a refreshing blessing on January 22 as an election brought an end to the shady and painful rule a government that floundered brazenly in the face of injustice, especially during their final 18 months of a Null and Void period. It was a “Bitter Sweet” victory which came as a relief to Nevisians. The evidence of blatant financial recklessness started to unfold and the findings were deep and bizarre. Never in the wildest dreams did Nevisians envisage what we have learned regarding the darkest days in Nevis history, July 10, 2006 – January 22, 2013. Certainly a period that saw corruption gone wild and our treasury depleted. In the face of a government change, the damage done cannot be ignored and Nevisians will bear the brunt of atrocities committed for a very long time. Our federation during 2013 has gone on record as the only nation on earth and beyond that has a Motion of No Confidence ignored. That decision was obviously orchestrated via the speaker of the National Assembly and the leader of the nation, a violation of the democratic process as outlined by our constitution. The juvenile excuse about no time frame given for a MONC to be heard and that the matter is subjudice is truly for kindergarten thinking and it belittles the highest office in the nation.It is an utter disgrace.Such precedence set by the Denzil Douglas Labour regime has rocked the minds of regional governments and created disbelief by others. We went through the ignominy of our leaders making outlandish public remarks. Court decisions were criticized, ridiculed and disrespected. Our media houses facilitated many outlandish remarks and encouraged propaganda without seemingly having regard for the truth or the willingness to separate fact from fiction. Passport scandals and revocations wrought havoc in the federation. The Moghadam incident probably put St. Kitts and Nevis in a situation that use of our passports can be compromised and the usage thereof can be curtailed. Meanwhile, men of integrity and good intent moved away from a government that sought to and passed legislation that allows disbursement of our patrimony in a land for debt swap. Among other perceived atrocities, the land for debt swap was the ultimate proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Dr. Timothy Harris and Sam Condor, two men of proven honor teamed up with the opposition parties to ensure the chance of restoring dignity to our federation. The Unity Construct was formed with the two honorable former Labour defectors, members of the People’s Action Movement and the Concerned Citizen’s Movement, uniting in a quest to bring back decency and democracy to St. Kitts and Nevis government.