Volunteers and other associates of the Pink Lily Cancer Care Support group are elated with the success of its annual walk on Oct 18, which garnered the participation of over 450 persons. The walk which began at Chicken Stone, Gingerland, continued along the main road through Charlestown, and culminated on the beach at Sunshine’s Restaurant. “At the beginning of the walk, the people just consumed both sides of the road, so it was like a sea of people all in green, all going down the road. I jogged down the road a bit asking people to go over on the right for traffic control because there were cars cueing up behind, and couldn’t drive through the people,”Lea Cambridge-Parris, coordinator and founder of PLCCS, told the Observer. At the end of the walk, a number of prizes were awarded for the first person to complete the walk, the first male, the first female, the first child, the eldest person, and the youngest. 14 year-old Tajari Authurton completed the walk first and was also the first male. He received a pair of “Knock out Cancer’ boxing gloves and gown. Vanessa J Williams was the first female, and won a red evening gown. Jennicia A Williams, 9, who also celebrated her birthday that day, was the first child to complete the event, and won a doll set. Dr. Gordon Avery, 80, completed the walk as the eldest participant and won a gift voucher at the Botanical Gardens. Six-month-old Micah was the youngest participant and was gifted with a stuffed ‘Barney’ toy. Parris was impressed with the scope of participants’ cancer awareness. “Everyone answered the quiz questions correctly. And when I asked ‘is that right?’ all the audience was in agreement. They were fully aware [of the signs and/or symptoms of cancer] without even realizing it. It went down really well and they enjoyed the chance of winning some English chocolate,”Parris told the Observer. During the breakfast that followed the walk, the number of persons was recorded and revealed that there were more persons at the walk than who had registered, Parris informed. She said that 372 persons registered, but 460 persons were there for breakfast. She said that that was expected as some persons would have had to work or do other activities but they wanted to donate so they registered anyway. Participants were issued with number tags that served a tri-fold purpose. The tags had the names of persons the participants lost to cancer along with a positive message. Tags were used to record the number of persons at breakfast, and as an entry in the upcoming raffle. Due to the large crowd, there was not enough time to hold the raffle that morning, Parris said. A symbolic and somber moment was had when balloons for cancer patients who have passed were released into the sky. “We had a lot of people. We actually went on longer than usual and Sunshine’s had to open so we didn’t get a chance to call out the raffle name as everyone’s number would have been in that raffle. So what we’re going to do is pull the name and announce it over the radio and in newspapers, then the winner can come and collect the prizes,’she informed. Prizes include vouchers from TDC, toiletries, items from Rams, and meals from restaurants. The scheduled filming of a music video for the Pink Lily theme song penned by Andrew Hendrickson has been postponed until December or January, and will be done by TruCapo Productions, Parris said.