The Deputy Leader of opposition party People’s Action Movement Hon. Shawn Richards says he would consider the position of leader if “circumstances called for it.” “As a member of any political party one would have to consider certain things. If it becomes a situation where I am called upon to lead the party, it is something I would have to consider,” he told The Observer during an exclusive interview. The question of future leadership for the PAM arose following unconfirmed reports that several party candidates had recently attempted a coup to have leader Lindsay Grant removed from the position. According to reliable sources, Bernard Welsh, Junie Hodge, Roy Flemming, Ronald “Louie” Williams and Glenroy Blanchette had colluded to force Grant to resign. This, it was said, was done without any knowledge or consultation with the party leader and the two elected members, Richards and Hon. Eugene Hamilton. Information was that the group presented Grant with a letter signed By all five indicating their position that he immediately step down. Following his refusal to so, rumors have it that the members either resigned themselves or were kicked out of PAM. The Observer questioned Richards if there was any truth to the alleged attempted coup, but he would only say, “I am not at liberty to discuss that issue. I would prefer you speak to Mr. Grant.” None of the five candidates could be reached for comment and calls to Grant’s personal number went unanswered. This alleged dissent in the PAM camp is being blamed for the postponement of the annual caucus and convention traditionally held in March or April. Noted social commentator Washington “Washie” Archibald said in March that Grant should step down as leader, and that the party should elect a new chief. Former Labour parliamentarian Dwyer Astaphan has made his input on the alleged “disarray” in PAM, saying the party should get its act together, “attract new candidates and work towards the next elections.” He also alluded to Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas being an instigating factor in the alleged unrest in the opposition party. “I am advised that he [Dr. Douglas] recently met with five of PAM’s candidates in the last elections, and that he has already offered them meaningful assistance,” Astaphan said in a recent Commentary. During his live radio program “Ask the PM,” a caller to the show told the nation’s leader that if he had in fact met with the PAM candidates that it was “wrong and wicked” of him to try to disrupt the party. The woman said Astaphan had publicly claimed that the group had met with Dr. Douglas. The Prime Minister denied any such meeting. “Since when does Dwyer Astaphan speak for Denzil Douglas? I have not met with these five nationals, but I welcome the opportunity to meet with them because I meet with all of our nationals. And so if at any time they would wish to come collectively and meet with me to discuss any issue that they may have, let them know that the Prime Minister is willing at all times to receive all five of them,” he responded. “There is a lot of talk, but there will always be talk.” Grant, who has never been successful at the polls, said recently that he has the full support of the PAM rank and file, and denies any challenge to his leadership. Political pundits hypothesize that the drama allegedly unfolding in the PAM camp could hurt Grant’s chances if a bi-election for Constituency #4 was held in the near future.