Resigned Election Supervisor Leroy Benjamin and resigned Chief Registration Officer Bernadette Lawrence must have deeper pockets than anyone could have envisioned. The two disgraced former electoral officers have agreed to pay upward of $2 million dollars in legal costs in the precedent-setting matter of the Nevis Election Petition case. The court ruled that the actions of these two disenfranchised hundreds of voters which led their co-defendants’ party NRP to ‘win’ the July 2011 NIA elections 3-2. The court not only overturned the election results, it ordered that then Premier Joseph Parry and Cabinet Minister Hensley Daniel along with Lawrence and Benjamin pay Hon. Mark Brantley’s legal costs in the High Court and Court of Appeal cases. Parry and Daniel said they did nothing wrong and therefore should not pay any costs; they never said the electoral officials should also not be responsible for Brantley’s legal costs. When the matter came before the Court of Appeals last week, the high-priced attorneys who represented Benjamin and Lawrence in the petition case were nowhere to be found. Even the Hon. Chief Justice herself seemed surprised that the two had no legal counsel present. Parry and Daniel want the public to believe that they played no role in the Nevis election fiasco where over 200 names were removed from the voters list just before the elections; voters who testified they intended to vote for CCM. They are therefore purporting that Benjamin and Lawrence took it upon themselves to engage in illegal activities to sway the election in favor of the NRP and therefore their hands are clean. It became obvious from the onset of the election petition trial that Lawrence and Benjamin were being thrown under the bus and would be the scapegoats in the debacle that was unfolding. Well it appears that the former government ministers had inside information that the scapegoats had deep pockets and could pay the $2 million without batting an eyelash. Both Benjamin and Lawrence were civil servants, how could they have amassed such wealth that each of them can fork over more than 1 million dollars? Government salaries must be higher than the public has been led to believe all these years. Maybe the pair has a private slush fund filled with millions of dollars for rainy days -or in this case, stormy days. Alas the Integrity in Public Life legislation came too late for the public to get a true sense of their finances and the finances of the other actors in this play.