Security Guard Allegedly Shot By Police officer Pauline Ngunjiri Story Updated: September 21st 2015 at 4:20 pm
Steadroy “Seamoss” Sutton, 55, a security guard at Turtle Times restaurant at Pinneys beach, was shot twice while on duty Saturday by an individual rumored to be have been an off duty policeman. Sutton was shot in his groin and lower back around 2 a.m. while guarding the restaurant’s premises. The Observer spoke with the hospitalized Sutton on Sunday (Sept 20) who said he was on duty and had on his security uniform when a person walked from the direction of Sunshine Bar and Restaurant to Turtle Times restaurant yard and started urinating. Sutton said he attempted to stop the man from relieving himself on the restaurant grounds, but the individual refused to move away. Sutton walked towards the restaurant in order to call police, when the person opened fire, hitting him once. “I walked up the building to take up my book to call an officer to report the guy. The person found me right at the building and said he wanted to make the call himself. He then took off the gun and shot me,” the guard recounted. Sutton recalled that after the first shot, he jumped on the person but after he realized the wound was bleeding, he let go of the man. “I went back and as I turned around, he shot me in the back. I ran to the band stand and interrupted the vocalist,” Sutton told the Observer. He said the vocalist called the police and when an officer arrived Sutton was taken to the hospital at 3 a.m. Sutton confirmed to the Observer that police officers visited him at the hospital and took a statement yesterday afternoon. Efforts to contact the Superintendent of Police, Hilroy Brandy to comment on the incident were not successful.