It took three years of hard work but the efforts of the resident Taiwanese diplomatic corps and local stakeholders have borne fruit and will be on display for all to see today, Friday. The St. Kitts Eco Park opened its doors this morning (Nov 21) first to dignitaries, the media and other invited guests, and later to the general public free of charge. It will also be open tomorrow, Saturday, with no admission fee. After that it will be open daily for a nominal entrance fee for locals and a slightly higher price for tourists. The 20-acre park perfectly blends natural scenery with modern architecture and cutting edge agricultural techniques to offer visitors a unique experience. Visitors, local and foreign alike, will be greeted by the flags hallmark nearby the entrance with vividly colored bricks laid to depict the flags of both the Republic of China (Taiwan) and St. Kitts and Nevis. Antique cannons also adorn the property. The scenery includes the traditional flamboyant trees and fields of sugar cane were maintained to preserve the local heritage. The facility is the first of its kind in the Eastern Caribbean boasting two visitor centers, a tea house, Floral map, Arc Gate, farm nursery, a rose garden, desert garden, tropical orchard, herbal garden with medicinal plants, and a vertical watch tower with spectacular views of neighboring St. Barts and Statia. The Eco Park also contains the largest multifunctional greenhouse in the Caribbean region. Parking and restrooms are included. The property if fueled by green energy, with large solar panels rotating to track the angle of sunlight. An elated Ambassador His Excellency, Miguel Li-Jey Tsao told The Observer it was very rewarding to the see the culmination of the project. “After three years of painstaking work we have finally created the Eco Farm. It was not easy, and took a lot of manpower, workers, technicians, but finally the hard work paid off,”he said. He said it was a captivating example of the positive ways in which green energy, tourism and agriculture can individually and collaboratively advance the interests of the nation. Local persons were hired and trained in the various areas from horticulture, crop rearing, maintenance, plant nursery care, and tour guides. A wide variety of flowers and tropical fruits including the dragon fruit, and the beautiful and delicate butterfly orchids being cultivated in the nursery. The Ambassador noted that a trade show would take place simultaneous to the grand opening. He told The Observer 8 local companies would showcase their products, and locally agro processed juices and other products will be on sale, as well as products from the Taiwanese solar company in St. Kitts, Speedtech. “This is very beneficial to all and I am very optimistic about this venture. We are hoping to do something on a smaller scale for Nevis,”Ambassador Tsao revealed.