July 7 — The TDC Group of Companies has combined its travel and tour businesses into a division of the TDC Airline Services Limited. The rebranded entity, TDC Travel and Tours has taken a new approach By broadening its portfolio of services By becoming an IATA Accredited Agent. TDC Travel and Tours with its newly acquired trade certification, will allow the enterprise to make travel arrangements with some 230 airlines, cruise lines, hotels and transport providers anywhere in the world. Additionally, travelers will have access to various value added and innovative packages being offered to its many Customers/Clients, such as, Historic and Nature Tours, Honeymoon Packages, and Jeep Safaris, to name a few. The new endeavour will also address and meet the demands of the day By offering practical advice on planning one’s trip, with the confidence of knowing that the useful information and professional services surpasses expectations. TDC has been operating in the travel and tour markets for over 35 years and looks forward to continue serving its patrons well into the future.