Teenage Mothers Urged To Finish Their Education by Glen Bart

Girls who become pregnant during their teen years are being encouraged to go back to school and secure their academic qualifications. Director of Gender Affairs Etsu Bradshaw-Caines said the department continues, through its programs, to help teenage mothers get a new start in life. “We have a lot of teenage pregnancies. A lot of them come from incest or rape. We have a program that helps our teen moms to go back to school, or even if they beyond that age to return to school, we try to impress upon them to go to night classes, and we following up on them,’she said, indicating the hope of doing more in regards to employment placing. Young men are also being urged to continue their education, as many socio-economic challenges stem from joblessness which results from a lack of education. “Education may also be a problem. Without an education, people can’t make enough money, and it becomes a frustration and a financial burden. We want to encourage people. You are never too old to go back to school or to have training. There are funding and training programs to help men and women. We encourage people to make use of those programs,”urged the Director.

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