The election of Barrack Obama to become America’s 44th President marks a turning point in the history of black people.” With a superior election machinery and powerful ideas resonating with people at every stratum of society he was able to create history by becoming America’s first elected black President. Obama’s election must bring an end to that nihilistic philosophy among some black people that blacks cannot surmount challenges and excel.” It must bring an end to that defeatist attitude among black people that they cannot reach the top.” Obama broke the glass ceiling and this can be done by others who work hard, exude discipline and build relationships with various groups of people. Black people everywhere have a responsibility to hold up Obama’s hand.” They must put down their guns, drop the use of hard drugs and immediately end the violence that has brought a premature end to so many black lives.” It cannot be business as usual.” With a black man leading the most powerful country black people everywhere must be energized and motivated to read, remain in school, finish college and get a job and keep it. At the family level parents have to so train their children that they stop glorifying thugs and celebrate and identify with those who promote the values of respect, decency, goodwill and hardwork.” Obama has said in the past that black people must stop calling blacks white because they like to read.” Families now must double their efforts to make sure that their children succeed in school and college.” Obama cannot turn off the television for you. According to Bill Cosby the message from television to young black people is that they can be true to their community by putting on an angry attitude, dismissing school as a waste of time, speaking broken English, wearing flashy clothes and gold teeth and putting dazzling rims on their rides.” That bilious message clearly has nothing to say about achieving a lifetime of financial success an good relationships. The people being held up as role models are the people dropping out of schools, ending up as gang-bangers and hustlers and these people are not funny anymore.” They are faking and they are dragging us down because they do not accept that they have to study and get an education.” The state ends up paying for their antisocial behavior. Obama cannot make sure that your child completes his homework.” In order to keep alive the Obama message, parents have to get hold of their children and demand high standards of behavior. As Bill Cosby suggests, parents have to sit down with their children, oversee their homework and send them off to school in the morning well fed, clothed and ready to learn. He suggests the use of castor oil moments such as telling a child he cannot have the latest Air Jordan sneakers. Castor oil moments are only given by loving parents intent on helping a child grow strong. It is not about punishment. Blacks have a particular responsibility. We have to recognize that industrial jobs requiring physical strength are declining while jobs linked to college education are increasing. According to Juan Williams in his book Enough, the gap between money earned by college graduates and those who are not doubled in the last twenty years. We do not have much inheritance money, so we have to make careful choices. We cannot continue to spend more on consumer durables and alcohol than on education. When Obama graduated from Harvard Law School, he could have gone to the private sector to earn big money as a corporate lawyer. Instead, he chose to work as a community organizer ” helping poor people, helping to connect people to resources, helping people to cope with challenges and mobilizing resources to bring about social change. This is instructive. Herein lies his genuine concern for humanity. He made a sacrifice. He postponed short-term gain for long-term pleasure. The pleasure of becoming an Illinois State Senator, the pleasure of becoming a U.S. Senator and the pleasure of becoming the first black President. Community organization gave him a decisive advantage and helps to explain his superior political organizational ability at the grassroot level. He may well have demonstrated that real political work begins at the base of society with ordinary people. I know nowadays that some people want political power by using a parachute ” coming in from above. It is the responsibility of the masses to remind such people that political representation begins with them at the base of society. We must use his example and get out into the community and find ways and means of helping others. Obama’s election says to black people that the critical indices for success are no longer based on ascription but rather education, self-respect, discipline, integrity and the capacity to galvanize support for ideas and programmes. His election helps to realize Martin Luther King’s dream that one day black people will be judged not by the colour of their of their skin but by the content of their character. The Obama Presidency must be marked by decreasing welfare roles among black people. Their potential must now be released in programmes for social and economic upliftment. Welfare has destroyed the aspirations of some young black people so we must return to self-mastery, self-help and self-reliance. With a new leader we can now, in the words of Martin Luther King Jr., come in from the piercing cold of an Alpine November into the glittering sunlight of life’s July.