Three Windsor University students on Thursday (Nov 20) miraculously walked away from a horrific car crash relatively unscathed. The Traffic Department is investigating the circumstances that lead to a car crashing into a lamp post on the island main road in Canada Estate around 11:45 am. According to the Traffic Department EMS and police responded to the scene in the vicinity of CONTEC to find the car’s occupants had already gotten out of the crashed vehicle. All three- the driver along with a male and female passengers- were transported to the JNF Hospital. Investigation revealed that P8724, driven by Chizinvu Ihunwo, was headed from Basseterre traveling in the direction of Cayon when the driver lost control at a slight curve in the road. The car ran off the road and slammed into a wooden utility pole, breaking it in two. The car overturned on the mountain side of the road, ending up with the base of the utility pole sticking out of the ground and running all the way through the front passenger side. The vehicle wound up upside down on the protruding post. Head of Traffic Inspector Carl Caines told the Observer the three persons transported to the hospital were treated for their injuries and released. The female had a cut on her leg and for the most part, the three suffered from bruises and other minor injuries. There were no broken limbs or serious lacerations. “Investigation into the matter continues and charges could be laid as the investigation reveals,”Insp. Caines said. He took the opportunity to advise motorists to drive within the speed limit and to reduce speed when road conditions are wet and/or have large deposits of silt due to rainfall.