Two of the three persons of interest wanted by police in connection to the shooting death of a McKnight teen have surrendered. 22-year-old Gavin “Bigz”Whyte of Buckleys Site and 27-year-old Inelbo Ibo Hendrickson of Malone Avenue turned themselves in to police on Saturday (Sept 27). Police informed each was accompanied by an attorney. On Thursday (Sept 25) police issued wanted bulletins for the men, along with Jahzya Roy Wilkerson, 23, of Shadwell in connection to the Sept 22 murder of 19-year-old Kaheel Herbert of Thibou Avenue. Wilkerson has yet to be apprehended. Whyte had previously been charged with the murder of Dale “Hot Boy”Wattley and Wilkerson had been arrested in connection to an armed robbery. Herbert was executed at the Emergency Treatment area of the JNF Hospital in front of staff and patients last Monday night around 7:45. According to information reaching The Observer, the gunmen had attempted to carry out the killing earlier that evening while Herbert was on Malone Avenue. Herbert reportedly scaled fences in order to escape them and in the process received a cut to his foot. The young man went to the hospital seeking medical treatment for the injury. Reports further indicate that while Herbert was in the Out-patient area, two masked gunmen and one shielding his identity with an umbrella, entered the room and opened fire on Herbert. He received one shot to the abdomen and fled into the treatment area. The gunmen followed and reportedly told the nursing staff to get out of the way before finishing off Herbert in a treatment room. Unconfirmed reports indicate Herbert received approximately 8 shots to his chest and abdomen and was left for dead. He underwent emergency surgery but died the next day. The daring murder was reportedly carried out in retaliation for a recent shooting incident involving a close relative of one of the “persons of interest”. In the wake of the horrific incident Minister of Health Hon. Marcella Liburd announced immediate and short term security plans for the island’s main health facility. While there was the promise of security cameras, only some extra tower bolts were added to doors. The Observer visited the JNF a few days after the shooting and while there was an armed officer at the entrance, observed persons enter and exit the hospital without search. On Saturday The Observer spoke with someone who said he visited a friend at the facility a day or two before. “I walk right in. Nobody ask me a thing.”