Thursday, 18th March, was the last day of a Kittitian’s man life. Twenty-one year old Karim ‘Sleepy’ Browne, originally from McKnight but who resided at Bath Village, Nevis, was shot twice, execution-style, while painting the side gate of a residence adjacent to the Gingerland Secondary School. One day earlier, on Wednesday, 17th March, at about 5:40 a.m. a report reached the police on Nevis indicating that Yudesh Persaud (15 years old) had hanged himself from a tree near his residence in Cane Garden, Nevis. District Medical Officer, Dr. Chandy Jacobs, pronounced him dead on the scene. There were no apparent signs of violence on his body, and his death is being considered a suicide. An autopsy is scheduled to be performed to verify the cause of death. Reports reaching The Observer regarding the 18th March shooting indicate that the incident occurred just after 11 a.m., while students and teachers were on the school premises. It was reported that some students saw the gunman, donned in black clothing and carrying the gun in plain view. He appeared to have shot the victim from behind. Unconfirmed reports suggest that the gunman had at least one accomplice who dropped him off at the location. After the shooting he made his escape into the near By bushes. At first, some students thought that they had heard a bomb, but were later notified that it was the sound of gunshots being fired. It is believed that some students ran toward the fence to see what had transpired, and some may have seen the victim’s motionless body. Some students were reportedly traumatized By the shooting; teachers and the guidance counsellors sought to ease their distress. The school’s gates were locked in an effort to protect its occupants. Officers at the Gingerland Police Station were notified and visited the scene, then transported Mr. Browne to the Alexandra Hospital where he was treated for his notably serious injuries. Some two (2) hours later while undergoing emergency treatment he lost the battle for his life, succumbing to his injuries. An autopsy will be performed later to determine the cause of death. There are no suspects in police custody in connection with this latest killing, however investigations are ongoing. This brings the number of homicides for the year to ten (10), eight (8) of which are been treated as murders, one (1) as a suicide and the other as a police shooting in the execution of duty. Keithon Stanley, a 26 year old resident of Cole Hill, shot to death on New Year’s Day inside a house at Craddock Road, Nevis. Kittitian-born Kimoy ‘Pudding’ Powell was killed on 7th January, at Crosses Alley, Charlestown. He received several gunshot wounds and later died at the Alexandra Hospital. Maxwell ‘Mad Max’ Chumney, 32, was in his yard at Newton, St. Kitts when he was shot twice and killed. Vincentian national, 31 year old Wesley Trimmingham was gunned down in the Ramsbury area of Nevis on 9th February. Damien ‘Nashie’ Isaac, 30, was shot numerous times in an alley at Russell Village, St. Kitts, on 12th February.On the same day, a single bullet fired By a police officer in a ‘Stop and Search Operations’ incident killed Nkoma ‘Koma’ Jacobs, 29, of Lower Monkey Hill, St. Kitts. Jervin Wilson, 17, was shot to death in a drive- By near the Lodge Community Centre on 28th February. Seven days later, Denzil ‘Para’ Williams was killed in Upper Monkey Hill, St. Peters.