We Need A Fulltime Police Commissioner Editorial

The extended and unexplained absences of our Police Commissioner from the Federation is cause for concern. For weeks at a time he is M.I.A. with no explanation given to the people. It started with him travelling every week to various conferences and meetings which according to some who went before him, his presence was not always required. Then it became frequent jaunts to visit his family in the US. Almost every other weekend he was spotted in Miami or Houston. Never once was the nation informed that he had taken his earned vacation and someone else was in charge. Instead he sent arrogant emails echoing similar sentiments to the Prime Minister, indicating that even though he was not present he was in tuned to what was happening on the ground. The citizens can recall his first year in office when if a dog got run over in the street he was there, in every photograph of the scene, talking to possible witnesses, handing out his business cards. There have been 18 murders in less than 8 month and instead of the citizens saying “Here comes CG”, they are now asking, “Where in the world is the Top Cop?”After the glitz and glamour wore off and people began to see the true nature of the Commissioner, their love affair with him turned sour. He has called the officers ungrateful h**s and has threatened to whip the highly decorated members of the High Command if they dared cross him. He boasts of his online degrees, speaking down to his subordinates and has even threatened to bring in outside forces when they refuse to do his dirty deeds at the behest of his political leader. The Commissioner was a 54-year-old beat cop patrolling the streets in Orange County who yearned for a position of command and recognition. It came when he was chosen to lead the local police force. His name and picture had never been in the news to this magnitude before and he was being treated as a dignitary in St. Kitts. When the murder toll dropped in his first year he beat his chest and said it was I, I, I. Enter 2013 and the bodies began piling up once again, and faced with an increased murder rate, he has turned his back on puny St. Kitts and is out there actively looking for another job. According to him, he’s getting his bonus at the end of his two year contract so all the squawking and squabbling by his critics is simply noise. He has lots of other options he says; everyone wants the great CG Walwyn to run their force. His egomaniacal rantings quickly put him out of favor with the officers and the civilians. He is not in this for the love of country, it is for the love of self and to see his name in lights. The lights are gone and so is the Police Commissioner. As someone justly put it, he comes to St. Kitts to show his face during his off days from his job in the US. We need a new Police Chief who is in tuned with the country’s needs, the rank and file’s needs and the needs of the people; in other words someone who is not just in it for the fame and acclaim.

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