There are some topics that I find very uncomfortable to write about and therefore, try my best not to. Crime is one such topic but allow me to have my say since we are truly feeling the sickening effects of what is taking place these days. Most of us hate crime with a passion, especially when it affects us directly. We, however, are more direct contributors to this scourge than we would like to accept. The blame on perpetrators is truly justified, as they who commit the acts cannot walk away without being responsible. Their actions should not and cannot be condoned, but how much are we adults collectively responsible for what is taking place in and around our communities these days? Being a firm believer in the Bible, my faith is in the words of Proverbs 22: 6, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it”. The acts of our children are true and direct reflections of us as adults, parents, teachers, elders and seniors. Our attitudes, behavior, lifestyles and everything we do are being lived out in their eyes daily while we try to ignore and detach ourselves from the crisis. The reality is, we have lived and continue living our lives as the teachers, instructors, role models and everything else without really knowing the serious role that we play. Now, there is no assumption that children are told directly to go into the communities and do wrong. Let me first establish this belief. However, even the small things that we do that are wrong, especially within sight of children, do have an effect. We often do wrong and no one usually shows interest in correcting us, as they know we know better. We continue and add to these situations and our children sometimes accept it as okay, and sometimes even right. The children naturally build on our words, actions and attitudes, and eventually we have what we are witnessing today. Just a few examples I’d like to mention. The use of indecent language without regard to who is around has become commonplace in our society. The presence of babies, toddlers, primary school children and anyone for that matter, seems not to make a difference as some of us adults release these profanities without care or concern. Listening to the secondary school children passing By daily uttering loudly the most vicious bad words, one really has to wonder where are we heading. Another occurrence witnessed daily is the lack of decency, respect and order that we show in the presence of children. We walk into the bakery and see six customers awaiting service. Then a loud disturbing and repetitive outburst, “Ah want two bags ah bread”. The confused attendant forgets the six people awaiting service and that loud mouth customer is served ahead of those he met in line. Where is the decency, where are the expected ethics? Where are the morals with which we grew up? What has happened to the cliché, wait until your turn comes? The church of all places is another venue that attracts questionable habits. While the main sermon is in progress, quite a few more are at the same time taking place on the outskirts and sometimes within. Sometimes the volume level affects ones ability to hear the pastor’s sermon. Our leaders also set deplorable examples. Their frequent and profound false and callous statements that the younger generation hears on a regular basis does matter in negative ways. Their talk about gang affiliations and other gang related concerns are puzzling. We adorn political party colors red, blue, green and gold, and are very vociferous about them and other colors. Aren’t we boosting the gangs and inspiring them to press on? We observe the trickery and other sinister moves made in government circles that boil down to sheer dishonesty and illegalities. Yet, as leaders and aspirants, we continue the journey of deceit and mockery, misleading the masses and in the same breath we try to impress By talking about dismantling the gangs. What hypocrisy! Our current generation that is involved with most of the crimes and illegalities in our country has learnt from us and most of us should be ashamed of ourselves. We have raised the young men and women who fall within the guilty category. Our focus now should be on ensuring that upcoming generations be different and that starts with how the young parents to be, raise their children. We need to ensure they change pattern and try devoting quality time and efforts in doing the right things. That indeed will be a challenge but if we are serious about crime, we can band together and accomplish the goal.