Amal Whyte and Devon “Patches”Fyfield are free men today after they were found not guilty of the 2005 murder of businessman Hubert Phipps. The trial began early October with Dr. Henry Browne QC and Marsha Henderson representing 29-year-old Whyte of Trafalgar Village, and Hesketh Benjamin and Marissa Hobson-Newman representing Fyfield, a 31-year-old Wades Garden resident. The defendants had been in prison serving sentences for other criminal convictions when they were arrested and charged in 2009. The prosecution was led by Director of Public Prosecution Travers Sinanan, assisted by Crown Counsel Giovanni James. Key Crown witnesses included two FBI lab technicians who testified to the results of forensic tests of evidence collected during the police investigation. When the prosecution rested its case on Oct 21, the Defense entered no case submissions. While the defendants had separate legal teams, counsel for both collaborated in mounting their defense as the case was one of joint enterprise. Her Ladyship, Hon. Justice Marlene Carter considered the Defense’s argument that the case should not go to the jury for verdict. She acquiesced, directing the jury to return a “not guilty”verdict on the basis that there was no evidence connecting the defendants to the crime.