Here in St. Kitts-Nevis we have many phenomenal women, some known and some not-so-known, making significant social, economic and political strides. These women and their achievements rightly should be celebrated by all. Commemorations on International Women’s Day (March 8) in both islands highlighted some of the efforts of these phenomenal women. But there can be so much more. As this month is internationally recognized Women’s History Month, there is occasion to honour the historic successes of Kittitian and Nevisian women for the whole month! One such successful, phenomenal woman is Honourable Hazel Brandy-Williams, Junior Minister of the Nevis Island Administration. As the Junior Minister responsible for Gender, Social Affairs, Social Development, Youths and Sports Affairs, Community Affairs, Import and Export Control and Licensing Unit, Hon. Hazel is one of the most powerful women on the island of Nevis and in the Federation as a whole. Since being sworn into office on Saturday, 26th January, 2013, what has our Hon. Hazel been up to? You would be forgiven for not knowing the lengthy list of her policy feats. As an outspoken advocate for gender justice, Hon. Hazel has introduced various structures to bolster the quality of life for the women of Nevis. The establishment of the Nevis Women’s Council and several community women’s groups throughout the island ensure women’s agency and empowerment. Even more noteworthy is the establishment of the Special Victims Unit to respond to incidences of violence against women and children. This police unit is working hand in hand with Social Services to protect the most vulnerable persons in our society from this sort of abuse. Youth development is another area that has benefitted from Hon. Hazel’s astute attention. The impact of the newly-formed Nevis Youth Council will carry into the next generation. Likewise the new Department of Youth & Sports will have a positive effect on focusing our youth’s special talents and skills into worthwhile endeavours. The establishment of the National Sports Council and the new Physo/Athletic Division demonstrates Hon Hazel’s understanding of the potential of Sports and Athletics in nation-building. The Creative Youth Academy in conjunction with Operation Future has also been extremely fruitful. The care and consideration to which Hon Hazel shows the elderly is without argument praiseworthy and admirable. Through the auspices of Hon. Hazel’s Ministry, the Subsidized Utilities program for senior citizens 65 years and older was also introduced. Under this landmark program, the Government will absorb $150.00 on each senior’s electricity bill monthly and $30.00 on their water bill. In the Golden Portrait initiative, seniors who have reached the aged of 90 years have their portraits done and hung in the community centres closest to which they reside. Further, Hon Hazel has advocated for the development of several community projects holding several meetings in this regard in order to access grant funds to further develop said projects. Above all, Hon Hazel is humble and hardworking. Her fun and lively spirit makes her a beloved friend to everyone who knows her. Her sensitivity and thoughtfulness makes her supremely able to thrive in her designated fields working with women, youth and the elderly. Surely her continuous labours in community organizing will have a lasting positive impression on the entire island of Nevis and for that we honour her. She is unquestionably a phenomenal woman making history…now!