11th March 2010 Thirty-six year old record b. broken at CSS sports Mr. Andy Liburd was at the Nevis Cooperative Credit Union, conducting one of the regular meetings held By the board when he received not one but two phone calls indicating that his 1500 meters record which had remained intact for thirty-six years had been broken. The former champion athlete at the Charlestown Secondary School smiled warmly and indicated that his only regret was that he would have loved to be present to see the new champion athlete in action so as to get an idea as to how he himself had looked when he created the record in 1974. The event was the annual sports meet held By the Charlestown Secondary School, this year held under the patronage of Mr. Timothy Caines, another former outstanding athlete at the school. He too saw his 14 year old record in the 800 meters shattered By the same athlete. The athlete in question, who actually turned heads on the day, is new record holder in the 800 and 1500 meters Kashka Forbes of Hamilton Estate. The modest young man was unstoppable for his Red house team. The previous record held By Mr. Andy Liburd in the 1500 meters event was 4:22:00 and the new record set By Kashka Forbes is 4:20:89, It is understood that Mr. Liburd will be making an effort to meet with young Mr. Forbes in order to congratulate him formally. Also knocking two records asunder was Rineka Daniel who blazed new records in the 100 and 400 meters events. The meet was highly competitive and if the size of the crowd is an indicator as to what will transpire on Inter Primary day, even the folks who will be looking for the ideal standing room, may be hard pressed to find such a spot. Earlier in the day, just shortly after the march past of athletes, a minute’s silence was held in honour of the late Benny Hodge who had contributed significantly to the school since 2004. Fittingly, for the grand finale, the much anticipated Teachers’ race brought the entire crowd even closer to the action and as Headmaster Edison Elliot and his staff brought back nostalgic memories on the track. The Red Cross staff on hand, virtually held their breaths. All in all, it was a superbly run meet and at the end of the day, Blue house emerged champions with 210 points; Green was in the closest of second places on 209 points; Red in third on 151 points and Gold in fourth on 130 points. Up to press time, it was not determined whether or not Green house had demanded a recount of the points. 10th March 2010 Ivor Walters Sports Day Results Gold 340 Green 300 Red 262 Victor Ludorum Javel Boyles (Green) 28 Points Victrix Ludorum Orlesia Tyson (Red) 29 Points The meet was held on Friday 5th March at the Elquemedo Willet Park under the patronage of Ms Kevonie Bartlette, past outstanding athlete of the school Blue Steals Red’s Joy at GSS Sports Heat’s champions, Red house had their bubble burst yesterday as the Gingerland Secondary School athletes engaged each other in fierce competition, all the while serving to thrill the hundred of sports fans who showed up at the Gingerland Recreation ground. Some of the stars of the day included: Ariann Maynard who despite suffering a nasty knee injury early in the afternoon consistently continued to give her Blue house critical points, all the while being assisted By the Red Cross personnel. Meritzer Lawrence also of Blue house was quick over the turf and virtually unstoppable. Young Sadiki Tyson of Red house was a whiz in his class and he blew away the competition in the 100m meters as if he was the only person in the world, creating a brand new record in the process. Alisa Liburd of Blue house was a gem to watch, with a blue sock on one foot and a white sock on the other. Nobody in her class got close enough to recognize the difference. Kejahrie Grant of Red house was also a super star on the day. When the smoke from the vendors’ stalls cleared, Blue house had emerged as new champions with 255 points; Heats’ champions Red was in second on 217 and Green was in third with 194 points. Earlier in the day, Patron for the meet, Corporal Michelle Michael ‘Tart’ Mr. OECS’ Hobson made quite a statement when he showed up, immaculately attired, in an official Police vehicle. His door was opened By one of his counterparts and he was escorted to his place alongside the Headmistress of the school, Mrs. Dawn Jeffers. His profile made impressive reading as it was noted that Hobson himself in his hey day as an athlete had achieved no fewer than 18 gold medals. Headmistress Jeffers got the day started on a good note with a prayer and a minute’s silence was observed in honour of two great contributors to the school in, the late Brian David and the late Benny Hodge. 9th March 2010 Gold Tigers dethrone Blue Lions At the annual VOJN sports meet held on Friday 5th March, the Gold Tigers dethroned the Blue lions who were the winners for the past two years. The meet was held under the patronage of Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lewis. 1st Gold Tigers 284 2nd Blue Lions 253 3rd Green Stallions 249 The March Past was won By the Blue Lions Here are the class champions Victor: Benjamin Hakim (35 points) Victrix: Tiana Nisbett (42 points) 8th March 2010 Red in Charge at Inez France Pre School The parents and relatives, who showed up on Friday 5th March to witness the cross country races at the Inez France Pre School, were thrilled beyond expectation. The four races that were held, attracted a fair sized gathering and parents and siblings were seen running to and fro in cheering the children to the finish line. The races all commenced in the general direction of Paradise Beach with the four year olds having an extended run over their junior athletes in the three year category. The final top places in each category were: 4 year old GIRLS 1st TANNA LIBURD – RED 2ND DANIELLA COLBOURNE – GREEN 3RD ARIANNA DUBERRY – ORANGE 4 year old BOYS 1ST ANDRE MORTON – RED 2ND KEONDRE LEWIS – GREEN 3RD MIKEL HARVEY – ORANGE 3 year old GIRLS YONEECK LIBURD – RED ORIANA WILKINSON – RED RHIANNA WEBBE – GREEN 3 year old BOYS 1ST NAIM WEBSTER – GREEN 2ND CJHANTE GRIFFIN – ORANGE 3RD DE – ANDRE DANIEL – RED Updated point standings: RED – 97 ORANGE – 84 GREEN – 71 Red dominates Naomi’s Pre School Cross country events The Naomi Pre School held its annual cross country races on Friday 5th March. Quite a number of the related parents took time from their busy work schedule to ensure that they were present to encourage their children. The children did not disappoint. From the tiny tots who had only to run from the base of the slight incline from the school to the top, to the older children who extended their run past the near By corner, they were all cheered on with equal enthusiasm. In a day of improved technology, the cameras were working overtime as the children neared the finish line. Even at that age, there was evidence of hands being raised in victory and obvious tears from some who were disappointed with their final placings. The top results were: Under 3 girls: 1st Jinyah Matthew Under 3 boys 1st Steadari Pemberton Pre school girls: 1st Tyra Phillip Pre school boys: Remigio Powell 4 year girls: 1st Shyra Joseph 4 year boys; 1st Tyler Francis Updated points: Red 100 Blue 72 Jeffrey Gets His Day Mr. Jeffrey Lewis graced with the presence of his beloved wife, got his day in the sunshine on Friday 5th March when he was asked to be the Patron of the VOJN annual sports meet. Lewis who is a star Basketballer for the champion CG Rebels team on Nevis and a voluntary Coach to the school has been a motivating force to the athletes of the school for several years now. The meet commenced way past the scheduled 11 am hour at around 12.10 pm but the persons who arrived early were treated to some scintillating events on the track. Blue started impressively By taking the march past and starters Wendell ‘Micey’ Wallace and later Police Officer John served to keep the momentum going. Main commentator, Mr. David Griffin had a field day as he compared the athletes from Fountain ‘the land of breadfruit and fish’ to the athletes from Newcastle ‘the land of the real fish’ and had the spectators entertained
throughout. The actual scores were not available when the dust settled but the end results saw: Gold as overall champions; Blue was in second place and third place was Green. 5th March 2010 In what has been described By many as the best sports meet for the year so far, the Joycelyn Liburd Primary School held its annual sports meet yesterday at the Gingerland Recreation Grounds. The meet was held under the patronage of Ms Yolanda Smithen, past outstanding athlete of the school. The meet was off to its usual prompt start, just lapsing By two minutes. After reading a profile of the Patron, Headmistress Mrs. Marion Lescott asked for a minute’s silence in honour of the late Brian David who had been a consistent Judge for the school’s annual sports meets. The national anthem was played, followed By a march past of teams and inspection By the Patron, accompanied By the Headmistress. There was a huge crowd in attendance and the races were extremely competitive with all of the athletes obviously striving to be a part of the coveted Inter primary team. Several records were shattered in the process and the camera men had their hands full having to show slow motion replays of a number of the finishes. Grade four athlete, Tajarie Arthurton endeared himself to the crowd with some scintillating runs and had his mom, aunts and other supporters, screaming and shouting for joy for most of the afternoon. When the dust and smoke settled the final results were: Blue-448-champions Green-392 Red-316 Based on the results from the Charlestown Primary sports and this one, it would appear as if the grand Inter primary meet slated for March 24th is not an event to be missed. NETBALL The Nevis Netball Association under newly elected President Jeannette Grell Hull will be holding a very important meeting with member teams and clubs on Thursday March 11th, 2010 at 5 p.m . The meeting will be held at the Netball Secretariat . All are kindly asked to make a special effort to attend and be punctual.