Good governance, the economy and the development of social infrastructure were the main areas discussed in Nevis Premier’s Mark Brantley’s first budget address to the island’s assembly Monday February 13.

In his wide ranging and detailed speech he called on all Nevisians to bridge the political divide in the effort to build a better Nevis. As Brantley explained, “The campaigning is over and governance must now take center stage as we settle down to the real hard work of building Nevis.

“In this regard, we pledge to be a government for all and we are committed to reaching across the political divide and embracing our fellow Nevisians as we harness our collective energies and ideas to move Nevis forward.  We have only one beloved Nevis to which each and every one of us must dedicate our efforts individually and collectively if we are to succeed.

“As part of the kinder and gentler Nevis that we wish to see, we must be able to discuss ideas and even differ with each other without the level of bitterness which we have witnessed in the recent past.”

Brantley said his government would usher in a new culture in performance and the delivery of service to the people. “We must be prepared to embrace change and craft a new direction as we continue to create an environment to nurture and develop the wellbeing of our people,” he said.

The premier explained he was mindful of the immense challenges that Small Island States face but his government was equipped and ready to provide effective and operative solutions to these social, financial and economic issues.

“We have clearly laid out our agenda for this fiscal year. We have articulated our position on developing the economy, on the issue of safety and security, in the area of Health Care, programs to engage our youths and our social development agenda. These programs and policies are all geared towards stimulating Innovation, Creativity and Diversity towards Improving Socio-Economic Outcomes.