George Gilbert

Basseterre, St. Kitts — St. Kitts authorities are taking measures to ensure that water supply interruptions caused by pipe-damage during the on-going road works are minimized.

George Gilbert, Public Works Department (PWD) project manager will supervise the upgrade work, including widening sections of the road, resurfacing of the island’s main road, and installing drainage and sidewalks.

“When they are actually excavating, even the vibration from time-to-time will actually break the pipes.” Gilbert said. “We have people from the Water Services Department (WSD), thanks to them for being there, and they will actually mend the pipes as they break. There will be some inconveniences and we ask you to bear with us in the development of the island main road.”

The WSD is not the only agency that the PWD has to interact with during the process. There are regular interactions with officials from The Cable, the St. Kitts Electricity Co. (SKELEC) and others.

“We have to interface with all of these parties because they have their service [lines] underground in the corridors in the sidewalk area,” Gilbert said. “We have to interface with them on a daily basis so that at least we can do the cutting across the road [and] put sleeves in place so that when they want to have their development we don’t have to cut the road again.”

The PWD official thanked the public for their patience during the road upgrade project, which could cause some unavoidable traffic delays.