Photo: The six-member Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force team deployed to Dominica.


Police force sends team to Dominica as part of regional security system mission



Basseterre, St. Kitts – A six-member team from the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force (RSCNPF) left the federation Sept. 26 for Dominica to assist with ensuring safety and security for its citizens and residents. The team is being led by Cpl. Ray Farrell and includes constables Jerry Clarke, Shane Christmas, Chad Cuffy, Lowell Wallace and Antonio Browne.

The team represents St. Kitts and Nevis’ participation in the response by the Regional Security System (RSS) to assist the island of Dominica, which was devastated by Hurricane Maria. The RSS provided transportation to Barbados by plane, then to Dominica via helicopter. Each member of the team has been specially trained by the RSS to respond to disasters.

“We were trained in disaster management, also evacuation and a lot of [other] trainings that were part of the RSS,” Farrell said, which includes basic [and] advance patrols. “So, mostly we’re going there to help out with the situation and see what best we can do. Mostly, we normally deal with security, but in this stage we will be helping with the lifting and searching rubble.”

Present at the Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport to see the team off was Tactical Commander Superintendent Adolph Adams. “We’ve been hearing a lot of things on the news about the safety and security of the [people] in Dominica and that will be our main issue – safety and security – as our guys travel over there,” Adams said. “I wish my guys a safe trip into Dominica and I hope that they would go there and represent our country well. I wish them a safe trip back to the federation whenever that time permits.”