Is education a key factor to development?

By Ketricia Finch

St. Kitts Reporter

The Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) has been in existence for about 35 years now and is considered to be one of the best forms of educational testing in the Caribbean.

We are now at the period where high school and college students are buried in their books, trying to excel in one of the most important areas of their lives, taking CXC and Cape subjects.

Six students told The Observer of ways CXC and Cape are important for mental development and future goals. Some also addressed those children who don’t think education is one of the top priorities of development.

Is education important when it comes to development?

Deonje Findley, Basseterre High School – I would like to become an architect so therefore I am doing technical drawing and art in school. I definitely feel that these subjects are important for my educational development and to go advance to CFB and university. I would say to kids who don’t want to go to school to try and make something of themselves, even if they don’t have a skill. They should stay in school and try to do their best.

Jevina Browne, Washington Archibald High School – I am taking office procedures, information technology, English, history and maths in school because I plan to become an accountant. I want to move unto CFB but I’m not sure about university as yet. Office procedures and information technology especially would help me to be a qualified accountant. I would tell those who don’t like school to stay in school and take in their education so that they could get a good job to help their families financially.

Anekia Allen, Washington Archibald High School – CXC and Cape is extremely important. I want to become a pediatrician but right now in school, I am doing computer and office procedures. I would definitely want to go on to CFB and university. Students should stay focus on school and their education because school is very important. They should just focus on what they want to become in life.

Tameka Morris, Washington Archibald High School – I think that CXC and Cape is very important because they help you to further your education and to get a good job. I want to become a family lawyer and to all those who don’t want to go to school, I would advise them to go. There are many people out there who don’t think that education is important but it really is. If they don’t go, then they would not be able to get a good job and get the pay that they think they deserve. It’s going to be so much harder for them in the long run. Principles of Business, accounts, literature, English, maths and geography are some of the subjects that I am presently doing in school to assist me.

Leroy Lewis, Cayon High School – I want to become a lot of things but my mind is focusing mostly on being an architect. Maths, technical drawing and English are some of the key subjects that I am doing in school to assist me to become an architect. CXC and Cape are important for anybody’s development because they get you qualified and help you to see how far you can go in your education.

Another result of the overseas exams is that they help you to get a good paying job. My advice to students who want to give up on school is, just go with the flow. Stay in school, work hard and see if you see that you are not getting enough to pass, go back and do it again. It would be for the best.

Shandor Wilkinson, Washington Archibald High School – I am presently taking exams in subjects such as maths, English, office procedures, information technology and social studies.

I know that in having these subjects they would help me to get qualified for any job I want in the future and to be successful in life, especially maths and English. I want to become a cosmetologist.