The Observer asked people how they feel about a public march to protest the recent hike in the fuel surcharge on electricity .

Joseph Ottley — The Government of St. Kitts has no right to do the people of this Federation something like this. Poor people like us can’t survive under these kind of conditions. We put the Labour there to help us. This is not helping us.

They should have had a public forum to address matters like this to the public before they make such a drastic change on the peoples’ pocket. If they are going to do something like this it makes sense we take them out of Government because in the long run we are the ones who are going to feel it.

Jamdown Manners — I think fuel changes is very bad for the poor people of this country. Douglas does not have any children in this country. And, when he orders people to pay out this large sum of money, is then we need to decide what kind of mistake we made in putting him in power.

Douglas should be ashamed.

Tilly — Douglas is a criminal.  The salaries in St. Kitts are far too small. You have so many other pills in the Federation to pay out.

I would say the same thing if it was P.A.M, CCM or any other party was in power.

I am a big PAM man and as far as I am concerned the Labour Government does not like to see poor people get on their own two feet.

Elsroy Dorsett — I am very disappointed that it had to reach as far as a protest.

I am one of the members organising the march.

In speaking to many other persons on the road they told me they could take that amount of money being paid to the Government and do something even more important with it, such as food and other bills.

I think that the Government should take of this increase now. We are showing them how serious it can get with a national protest.

They need to reduce these fees completely and take them off.

Latoya Webster — I think the increase is somewhat ridiculous.

Many persons in the Federation cannot afford to pay so much money for electricity and fuel consumption.

I strongly agree with the protest and persons needs to stand up for their nights in the Federation.

They are many other different  bills to pay within each and every household.

Genecia Bassue — I definately have no problem with this march that will take place.

It is about time St. Kitts stop doing so much talking and put some form of action towards such an event.

And all I would say is “March On.”