Introduction Mohandas Gandhi, one of the twentieth century’s most influential individuals, used the philosophy of non-violence and passive resistance in order to combat violence. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. empowered By this effective method of the man before him, incorporated such ideals into his own life struggle for freedom and equality for his people. History has proven that such an approach is not only effective, but in many instances saves lives. It is obvious that when we meet violence with violence, the conflict will only escalate and the casualties multiply. Some would proposition that violence is necessary in certain situations. However, this is not the time and place for such insightful debate, because the nature of the situation in our nation calls for civil disobedience and not chaos. The pressing question for my fellow Kittitians is, “Who amongst you are willing to be courageous and stand up like these two men and say emphatically that such a vicious circle of violence will be defeated?” Our nation, economy and social stability depends on someone being brave enough to step forward and challenge these diabolic acts. You must determine whether you’re going be victim or the activist against crime. All violence is traumatic. If violence is not eradicated, it can be subversive toward social justice and propel a nation into utter destruction. I am cognizant that notorious acts of violence can transform people into victims and perpetrators. For some of you, a family members, friend or associate has been affected directly By these belligerent criminals. Indirectly, crime can impact the way we live in our neighborhoods, business communities and other important aspects of our daily lives. There ought to be particular interest and emphasis from those in position of authority to eradicate such extreme behavior from our society. For them to remain silent is absolutely shameful. This shows that the primary focus of many people in our nation is on material acquisition and their own selfish ambition. It is almost as if they are saying, “Who cares if those young men of our nation kill themselves? They are just collateral damage.” The blatant brutality that recently erupted and almost caused six young boys to be fatally wounded could have been the moment when intelligent and civil minded people to raise their voices and do something. People’s lives have been shattered here and for some families is it irreparable. Don’t you feel the pain of your nation? Well, if you really do, gather into your masses and take your message to the street. This is not the time to be complacent. Keep in mind that the act of violence can be random. Bullets sometime miss their intended target and strike where not planned. The reality is, in a nation with incessant violence, no one is ever safe. How do we begin the process that leads us to a more secure and safe nation? This is an urgent question we must all answer. My recommendations are as follows: 1. Mobilize a group of our law enforcement officers from the region to conduct random searches of the respective communities of known criminals. Please, don’t use the irrational argument that our police are going to be insensitive to our people and perhaps kill innocent children. Let me enlighten you if you are ignorant of the fact, your innocent children are being killed while you stand By and cowardly do nothing to stop the bleeding. 2. Develop an agenda that is specifically geared toward building self-esteem in the schools. When children are taught core values at an early age and given the support mechanism to cope with difficult and complex decisions, the outcome tends to be more positive. 3. We must encourage parents to exhibit unconditional love toward their children. Love is a transformational emotion that transcends beyond violence and produces positive results. For example, the iconic figure Nelson Mandela’s extraordinary display of love and forgiveness toward his fellow countrymen who brutally and unjustly punished him, was what enabled his nation to heal and unite. Once again, I reiterate that the leaders in various institutions must come to understand that their careless spoken words send the wrong messages to these young men. Empower them with the qualities of reconciliation and forgiveness; this might help them to see the necessity of saving their own lives and others. Conclusion My fellow citizens, what seems an insurmountable problem to you can be easy solved By a show of strength and unity. We have had tyrants that used fear and violence to subdue nations, and for a period of time they succeeded. However, By the determination and encouragement of ordinary people many of those tyrants were vanquished. You can bring to an end this nightmare that has been visited upon you. You are more effective when you amalgamate your efforts. Bring your voices to this cause, for your silence is deafening. Keep hope alive, for I assure you such vicious acts will soon be gone.