A Grateful Patient

Dear Editor,

Please allow me to comment on the treatment I recently received at The Alexandra Hospital, Nevis.

On Wednesday the 17th February I became ill, by Thursday morning my situation had become critical, at this point I have to rely on my wife’s report on what transpired as I was slipping in and out of consciousness.

At about 8:00am my wife called our family doctor who immediately ordered an ambulance. I live at least 6 miles from the hospital and the ambulance arrived in 10 minutes, an extraordinary response time by any standards. The nurse managed to find a vein, hooked me up to the necessary IV and I was rushed to emergency.

My time spent in Emergency and the ICU is a hazy blur, however some time on Friday I was transferred to the Medical Ward. My health continued to improve and on Monday feeling weak but better I was allowed to go home.

I am very happy to report that every member of staff I came in contact with delivered professional, efficient and courteous service and care. I have refrained from using names but I am eternally grateful to The Alexandra Hospital and its’ staff for being there when I needed them and nursing me back to health.

Thank you

Alastair Yearwood