Most persons may not have known; but there was no publication of an Annual Register of Voters (ARV) in 2015. This is because the country was engaged around that time in the preparation for general elections.  Thus, in 2016, after we published the ARV, there were 635 objections among the 42,751 names on that register.  That was a potential error rate of 1½%.  Small numbers, but significant.

For the 2017 ARV, we have a total listing of 43,185 and 493 objections.  This translates to an error rate of just over 1%.  In truth, with 131 of the objections being notification of deaths, the potential error rate is really much lower, less than 1%.  I say “potential” as the outcome of the hearings and the removal of names of deceased persons – as per documentation from the Registrar of Deaths & Homeland Security – will determine the final outcomes.

These hearings are scheduled to begin in earlier March. The Electoral Office has allowed extended time to facilitate delivery of notices of objections.   We appeal to all objectees to attend the hearings and to defend your position as necessary, even though you are not obligated to mount a defense.

Be warned, we will go where the law takes us. We are looking for ordinary residence and domicile, not property ownership.

For the record, the list contains 32,061 for St. Kitts and 11,124 for Nevis. There were 162 objections in St Kitts and 236 in Nevis.  There were no objections for Constituencies 2, 5, 7, 8 & 10.

We must also share that there is still variation in size of the constituencies. On St. Kitts, the largest is Constituency 8 with 6,114 electors and the smallest is Constituency 6 with 2,936 electors.  In Nevis, Constituency 9 has 5,866 electors, more than half of all voters on the island; whereas Constituency 10 has 1,589 only.

Is it that we are getting it right?   That is for you to determine.  I cannot comment any further on this matter, except to reiterate: one man, one vote in the right place and fairness to all.  That is our aim.