TROTT TALK by Amba Trott

At a shop on Saturday November 5th, I was spotted by someone I think is a staunch member of the Nevis Reformation party. I also believe he has strong connections with the well known newspaper, the SKN Leewards Times. We hadn’t seen each other in a while and he approached me amiably and asked with an air of mild concern, how I was feeling these days. I smiled and said I was feeling okay, or something like that as we exchanged a little light chit-chat. (Ho-humm.)

Then without missing a beat, he asked me how I felt about the way things were going in the country – was I satisfied with the way the current administration is handling everything. I had to admit that I wasn’t fully satisfied. He smiled broadly, put his hand on my shoulder, and invited me to send an article to the Leewards Times expressing this lack of satisfaction. I smiled and said I might do just that. But after giving the idea a little more consideration, I wondered whether there really was much use going to the trouble because I thought the Leewards Times might not bother to publish this commentary after all. Especially since there might not be enough space for everything that dissatisfies me. So I decided I’d better not specify any of my many dissatisfactions. (Sigh)

I also think my expressed lack of full satisfaction was misunderstood by my friend and interpreted to infer that I felt the previous administration would be doing a better job of it had they been allowed to continue. (Eh-eh!) But that isn’t my meaning at all – far from it! I feel the previous administration was doing a horrible job and I am grateful that sufficient numbers of the voting public agreed and were able to vote them out of office for awhile. (Whew!)

In a publication over a decade ago, I made the following statement: “…I see government as a necessary evil. I’m not happy with any government, but I believe that in most cases, having government is better than having anarchy.” I know full well no known government has ever been able to please “all of the people all of the time.” In the three decades since I’ve been living in Nevis, none of the various administrations, local or Federal have even come close. But some Administrations, to me, have seemed less “evil” than others. As far as I’m concerned at least, that is the situation with the Administrations we have at present. (Ahem…) I hope I make myself perfectly clear. (Harrumph!)

If I had been asked whether I ever expect to be fully satisfied with any government at any time, I’d have quickly responded, “No way – not by a long shot!” End of discussion. (Hmmm), I seriously doubt that the Leewards Times or the NRP would find these comments suitable enough for their purposes. So here is what I’ll do; I’ll send this commentary to all of the newspapers in the federation. With any luck, maybe one of them will print it and that should bring me a small degree of satisfaction –don’t you think? (Chuckle – chuckle…)