The Observer Woman Of The Year

Rodney Elliott

The Observer is pleased after much review to present the woman who it thinks has distinguished herself during 2016.  Rodney Elliott is an interesting lady.  Her achievements have never been penned much less appreciated.  Maybe we should say that those who have benefitted from her largesse of heart have not bothered to record much less show gratitude for such.  Perhaps as Nevisians we have been bought and sold on the notion that you keep everything to yourself and show appreciation in secret.  We even quotescripture saying that “the Lord who sees in secret will reward you openly”.  Our older folks called this practice “talking in a burly cup”.

Lets look at Rodney.  Here is a single mother who has sired four children without any noticeable father at her side.   Indeed she has had her up and downs with them carrying some to face the music at our courts.   Yet she sent all of them to higher education with three achieving tertiary education and distinguishing themselves in their chosen field of endeavour in this our halcyon island.  It strikes us as remarkable that none of her children even dared stray into errant and anti-social behaviour.   We here the many excuses nowadays about persons who did not live with any father.  Check our Rodney. Ask her the formula for siring useful, patriotic and ambitious children.   We may well be in line for the mother of the century.

Where does she live?  And how does she live. She owns a 4-bedroom house at Cane Garden that she says she built cash.  She never owed a bank for it.  It is standing like Gibraltar through all the hurricanes and vicissitudes of life of a single mother here on Nevis.   Today we observe some ladies without children, married and still without house free of mortgage.  Check out Rodney for mortgage free living.

Rodney works every day.  She is a restauranteur as proprietor of Rodneys Cuisine situate at Stoney Grove. She has recently in 2016 taken on the business of rental of tents, tables and chairs.  She lives at Stoney Grove in a house she partly owns along with her house at Cane Garden.  All her children are in Nevis and visit with her often.  She is often seen wither grandchildren in laughter, service and fun.  She drives her own vehicle and does not have creditors.

She is a regular attendant at St.John’s Fig Tree Anglican Church and is an ardent supporter of that communion.  She probably still does service as a Sunday School Teacher.  Her son, Randy is the bus driver for the church all day on Sundays.   Our lady of the year is all things community.  She has served in a number of ecclesiastical, educational, social and cultural organisations.   She is the only person in Nevis who has held a party pro bono for the police, the Premier and other noteworthy citizens.  She is a connossieurof bush medicine making suggestions to all and sundry for relief from coughs, colds and flu along with other serious ailments.  She has fed many a school boy pro bono when she ran the cafeteria at Charlestown Secondary School.  She has looked after the aged and infirm with food, comfort and caretaking which have been hailed by their loved ones.

Our lady of the year is a politician.  She has been at many a rally and has been the spokesperson for a number of causes and people by calling in on all the talk shows.  She has taken her share of the spoils and spillage of politics.  She was relieved of two assignments by the political process.  She has taken setbacks in their strides and have lifted herself and her family.  She has befriended every Prime Minister and Premier in the last generation.  Politics has been kind to her landing her a number of public assignments.  In this the afternoon of her life she seems to gracefully glow and grow.

We have said a mouthful in the preceding paragraphs which should commend our lady for this honour.  Everything pales relative to Rodney the personal friend.  She has been loyal and supportive to a fault.  Her gregariousness and joy de vive have been infectious and enchanting, the slight loudness notwithstanding.  Her personal friendship has seen her carry meals for her chums.  She has been by their side with prayer, praise and provisions.  She says the greatest and grandest of hellos from her diaphragm beaming with candour.  You know where you stand with her. She is not good at hyprocrisy.  Many of our daughters and women have done well in 2016 but Rodney Elliott excels them all in 2016 and before.  Take a bow Rodney and go forth and serve the Lord by serving his people on planet earth.

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