The big news around town is the extradition case of Noel “Zambo” Heath and Glenroy “Bobo” Matthew. The Observer went out and asked people their views on the matter. This is what they had to say:

Val Thomas

Geberal Manager

Sugar City Rock Radio Station

These cases are different cases. Mr. Matthew’s case is with the state of Florida and Mr. Noel Heath’s case is with the state of New York.

I feel no one should be extradited to America if you did not commit a crime in America.

I sat in the courtroom on many occasions four or five years ago listening the case. I always try to understand where these cases came about. And, when you get into the depth of these cases, you realize what was done to these three young men Bobo Matthew, Charles Miller and Clifford Henry was not right.

The drugs that are involved in these cases should have been used against the persons whose home they were found in.

Instead of these three men getting accused of doing wrong things. Those persons who were found with the drugs should have been charged and prosecuted in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

If the persons were charged and prosecuted then there is a possibility that the extradition case of these young men wouldn’t have come about.

With Mr. Heath, I don’t have the full details on what has happen with his situation but the allegations that I’ve heard towards Heath sounds like garbage. To me it sounds like a lot of hearsay that have created the problem for Mr. Heath.

Let me take this opportunity to wish Heath and Matthew all the best. I do hope that they will be vindicated after all is said and done.

King Ayahtollah


My personal views are that it’s a pity that we have to give up citizens of this Federation to a super power like that. I think as an independent country that does not seem right for the sovereignty of our nation.

Ian Nisbett a.k.a. Youthman


I don’t believe they should be extradited but this is happening because of the impact of the United States and the sanctions. The government would have no other choice to send them because of how dependant we are on the United States. On the other hand the information the U.S say they have should be used and tried here in our own system.

Jahi Dyer


I feel if you commit a crime in St. Kitts you should be tried in St. Kitts. America is wheeling the small countries around the world forcing them to do what they say when they say it. We as an individual nation need to come up with a different technique to protect our sovereignty and put a program into place to make sure our people are more efficient and depend less on foreign powers. My sympathy is with the family who are going to be left behind with pain. That’s where my concern is at.