Play coming together at Nevis’ Cultural Centre

In the cavernous confines of the Nevis Cultural Centre, a hardworking group of local players are shaping and refining their upcoming presentation of “The Burial of Miss Faithlyn,” a humorous play by Francis Urias Peters.

The play, which is being performed by the Nevis Theatre Guild, will be presented July 31 and Aug. 9. Cast members include Lee “Cockroach” Henry, Abba Jeffries, Amba Trott, Monique Washington, Shelly Crosse, Tyrone O’Flaherty, Roger Flyfield, Maeicia Claxton, Shannon Nisbett, Stacy Claxton, Adella Francis, Mauricia Williams, Shaniqa Sutton and Francis Claxton.

Watching a community theatre performance is similar to observing a chick being born. As a scrawny leg or a bit of fluff emerges from the shell, it’s easy to wonder if what’s being brought forth will in any way resemble what should be the finished product.

At the Cultural Center, the actors are still learning blocking, trying to be heard above the low roar of the air-conditioning system, and working to get their lines down right.

But, just as the ugly duckling became a swan, hopes are justifiably high for the production.

Without giving the plot away, it’s enough to say that “The Burial of Miss Faithlyn” is the story of some under-achieving children whose sole ambition appears to be what money and valuable their rapidly fading mother may or may not leave them.

All of the actors bring great energy to their roles; and they’re being rounded into shape by Esther Brooks, a cultural maven well-known in Nevis.

Admission to the play is $20 for adults and $10 for those 15 and younger. For more information contact Shelley Crosse at 667-9519.