By L.K. Hewlett

Sonni Richardson is the new Miss Personality And Marvellous.

Last Saturday night, the eight delegates impressed the show’s large audience from the start by performing their fanfare in different colours of the same outfit, adorned with beaded Egyptian style headwear.

Richardson won three out of four segments to take the crown —Best Promotional Speech, Best Talent, and Best Creative Wear. She was also named Miss Photogenic.

In the Promotional Speech segment, each contestant had to speak for two minutes about someone who had made a difference in a their community. Richardson colourfully described calypsonian Sylvester ‘Socrates’ Hodge, outlining his many wins as Calypso Monarch of St. Kitts.

Melicia Blanchette, whose career goal is to become a cosmetologist, walked away with the  first runner-up position and Miss Amity.

Blanchette  did a comedic dramatisation and dance about the many activities that people of the Newtown area have taken part in over the years. The crowd roared with laughter as she waddled on stage with a huge posterior.

That was not enough to out do Richardson’s dramatic piece, as she wielded a fake gun while talking about the senseless killings that have been occurring in the Federation.

Violence and crime seemed the theme of the night as quite a few of the contestants did similar dramatisations on that topic, including 18-year-old Bernicia Nisbett. She cried at the end of her talent, after showing a picture of her father whom she had lost to gun violence. Jodi Carter placed in the second runner-up position, and performed a melodic steel pan rendition of La Isla Bonita, for her talent.

Francisca Brooks had the crowd roaring with laughter, when she began her dramatisation with a leap from out of a coffin wearing a mask, of the Prime Minister, Hon. Denzil Douglas.

In the Creative Wear, also known as the Pretty in Plastic segment, Richardson glided across the stage in a yellow and green plastic outfit labelled ‘Fantasy Plastic Bride.’

This segment truly showed the creativity of the young ladies as plastic creations ranged from Carter’s multi-coloured tiered dress to Sherika Warner’s white mini-dress that was covered in black and yellow pom-poms.

Richardson, who won the Best EveningWear segment, wore a brilliant orange dress covered in silvery glitter. Shaniqua Pemberton modelled a lovely ankle-length lilac dress, while Nerissa Liburd’s pink and orange shimmer gown was one of the crowd favourites.

The calypso crown was keenly vied for as the singers kept the audience rapt with witty melodies covering social and political issues. In the end Anastasia’s stage presence and harmonious voice proved to be a winning combination as she delivered the victorious tune, ‘Brain Drain.’

“The Ring Bang Calypso show went down very well despite the absence of advertised calypsonians most significant of which was Pungwah who practiced diligently right up to the final practice on Friday but for some reason failed to be present on the night of the show, much to the dismay of a very small percentage of fans who came to see his performance,” said Wallis Wilkin, an organizer of the show. “We have already had inquires and commitments from calypsonians for the show next year and we have already begun to make preliminary arrangements for the show next year which may have to include an elimination process to limit the amount of calypsonians to 10.

Wilkin said the calypsonians received $150 participation fee for their efforts while the first and second runners-up received $500 and $300 respectively.