A fire fighter sprays water on a home in Charlestown that was destroyed by a fire on Tuesday.

By Monique Washington

“We got out with the clothes on our back.”

Those are the words of Akash Grant, who helped his mother and five-year-old brother escape a blaze that consumed their home in Charlestown on Tuesday.

The Observer spoke to Akash at Alexandra  Hospital, where the young man is recovering from a burn on his left shoulder from the fire.

Akash said he, his brother and mother were at home when the fire began.

“I was in the front room and my brother came and told me that he smells something burning. I asked him like what, he said “something burning” and he pointed to my room,” recounts Akash.

“When I opened the door, I noticed fire coming from one of the sockets. I went for some water and throw it on it and it kind of die down so I went for some more. I was panicking so I wasn’t thinking straight.”

“When I came back the fire was much bigger. The fire was growing and I knew we didn’t have much time so I called my mom and we got out of the house,” Akash said.

He said that the fire moved through the part concrete, part wood building very quickly and they were unable to take any personal items.

“My mom wanted to get her important documents from a drawer but it was too late,” Akash said.

All of the family’s belongings perished in the fire

“We got out with the clothes on our back,’” he said.

Akash said his mother has no phone and is attempting to recover from the fire.

“Right now she is just trying to get back all of her documents that she would have lost. She is very stressed out,” he said.

According to a statement issued by the Royal St Christopher and Nevis Police force, fire and rescue services responded to the blaze on Low Street in Charlestown on Tuesday.

“They discovered a one story concrete and wooden, two-bedroom house occupied by Shazena Grant and two children on fire.”

Fire and rescue services were able to extinguish the fire but the house was completely destroyed. Investigations into the fire are ongoing.