Minister of Tourism, the Honourable Lindsay Grant tells new and returning CFBC students after they complete their studies they will be on the path to a great future in the tourism sector.

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – Upon completion of your studies here, you will play a major role in the future success of the tourism industry, boost the Federation’s economy and become outstanding citizens, Minister of Tourism, the Honourable Lindsay Grant told new and returning students during an Aug. 29 orientation at Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (CFBC) Hospitality Division.

The Minister of Tourism emphasized the tourism sector is the major driver of economic growth and social development. He added that CFBC students will play an integral role in helping the industry further deliver measurable benefits to citizens and the economy at large.

“I’m always very heartened to see our young men and women positioning themselves to contribute to building a vibrant, sustainable and competitive tourism industry,” Grant said. “I heartily commend you for making this very important decision to further your studies, pursue your passion and enter this foundational stage of your career goal.

“Collectively, everyone must do their part to ensure the sector thrives,” the minister explained. “It is important that the tourism industry continues to deliver tangible benefits and revenue streams and even grater dividends for generations to come.

“Indeed this is a thriving dynamic, vibrant, fascinating and rapidly evolving sector that requires a workforce that is committed, qualified and knowledgeable about our brand and about our identity. It is a natural fit for people who are passionate, engaging and ready to go the extra mile to ensure excellence at every level of guest interface and interaction. In short, we want people like you among the growing thousands who are employed and who are operating their own businesses in the sector year-over-year.”

The minister congratulated CFBC hospitality student, Wycliffe Clarke, the recipient of the Range Development/Six Senses Internship 2018 Programme. As part of the programme, he will go on a six-month rotation in the Seychelles.

“This shows the opportunities that this industry brings to all of us,” Grant said. “The partnership between the CFBC, Range Development and the Six Senses Resorts, which is slated to begin operations in St. Kitts this year, speaks volumes about the glorious possibilities for professional development that awaits you in the tourism industry. With this commitment and the right attitude, you too can make your enrollment in this programme translate into a rewarding and exciting life-long career in the service industry.”

Grant said it is imperative that students use their youthfulness to set them apart in the highly competitive and people-oriented sector.

“As you embark on this very important journey, to be certified in food preparation, mixology, housekeeping, and your specialization, I implore you to use the boundless energy of youth and enthusiasm to sharpen your natural talents and master the professional and social skills necessary to consistently deliver excellence in the tourism and hospitality sector,” the minister concluded.

“I am confident that within the next two years of your academic career, you are up to the task of intense preparation, after which you will be fully-equipped to deliver unique, memorable, stimulating experiences that will have all our guests following their hearts to St. Kitts.”