Workmen pave the Gingerland Cultural Centre floor.

CHARLESTOWN, Nevis — Work on what is earmarked as the new home of the Gingerland Community Festival, ‘Gingerama,’ moved to a new phase on Feb. 1, when the concrete flooring was laid. The project, which falls under the Ministry of Social Development, began in December 2018.

Hon. Eric Evelyn, Minister of Social Development, Minister of Culture and Area Representative for the St. George’s Parish, who laid the cornerstone for the Gingerland Cultural Centre in January, also witnessed the concrete flooring being poured and expressed satisfaction with the project’s progress.

“The work has progressed extremely well to the point where we are now pouring the floor for the building here at Croney’s,” said Evelyn. “We have had quite a bit of work done by the electrician, the plumber, the contractor and have also included Information Technology (IT) as a part of the project as well.

“We have had air-conditioning work as well. Overall, things have progressed well to my estimation… I am extremely pleased with the way the work is progressing here,” said Evelyn.

The project was conceptualised by Hon. Vance Amory, former Premier of Nevis and Area Representative for St. George’s Parish. However, years later it is being executed under Evelyn’s direction. All types of cultural arts will be taught at the facility.

Culturama Secretariat and Project Manager Antonio “Abonaty” Liburd, gave some insight into the project.

“This is only phase one of the project where we are erecting the building,” said Liburd.
“The structure will have four dressing rooms, four bathrooms and performance and stage area…We want to complete the first phase by putting up concrete fencing and also an entrance gate.”

Liburd said also included in phase one will be construction of booths on the eastern and western sides of the site. He said they will be available to the people of Gingerland in an effort to stimulate economic activity in the area.

Plans for phase two, which will be undertaken in 2020 when funds become available, include the erection of a stand at the southern end of the grounds.

“Under the stands there will be bathroom facilities and a kitchen,” said Liburd. “We are going to have a bar so that Gingerland residents can come here. It’s a multi-functional centre where culinary skills can be taught residents in near the facility.”

Liburd announce plans are already slated for the facility in the summer.

“I promise to the people of Gingerland and Nevis that at least one Culturama activity is going to be carried out this summer at the Gingerland Cultural Village,” said Liburd.
Satisfaction with the work already done at the construction site was expressed by Minister of Public Works, Hon Spencer Brand, who said, “I am very impressed with the progress that I am seeing here.

“This project started in January and the level of work that we have seen here has been very impressive,” said Brand. “I know that he [Liburd] has given a clear indication to the contractor that this project must be completed by a certain time and I’m happy to see that it’s progressing very nicely.

“The project looks very much on schedule and we are giving our support to the Ministry of Culture to see this project is completed on time, on budget and of course at a very high standard.”

Contractor Phillip Walters has seven workers employed on this project.