Hon. Spencer Brand, Minister with responsibility for Posts in the Nevis Island Administration

CHARLESTOWN, Nevis — The time has come to transform the Nevis Postal Services to remain relevant in today’s digital age,” Hon. Spencer Brand, Minister responsible for or Posts in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) said during an Oct. 9 speech to commemorate the 49th anniversary of World Post Day. The minister said he is proud to play a role in the history of the transformation of Post.

“We appreciate that Post is the first medium of communication and continues to play a pivotal role in circulating information worldwide,” Minister Brand said. “World Post Day is an annual event which marks the anniversary of the Universal Postal Union’s (UPU) existence since 1874. It was declared in 1969 at the Postal Congress in Tokyo and since then designated operators of member countries, including Nevis has been recognizing this milestone, alongside our sister island St. Kitts.

“The Universal Postal Union highlighted the strategic pillars for driving the Postal business as innovative, integrative and inclusive. We all will agree that Posts play a vital role in our society. However, due to the technological revolution worldwide, the way in which citizens interact, communicate and do business has changed significantly and the Post has to step up in a holistic manner in its entire operation.”

Minister Brand said the Post’s survival is dependent on technology and innovation, recognizing that we expect everything at the click of the mouse. Therefore, we have to face our challenges head on because survival depends heavily on our ability to transform and innovate as quickly as is humanly possible.

“While we strive to maintain our place in the world market, we also recognize that Post has an important role to play in infrastructural development. Post is positioned, because of its universal nature to drive economic, social, financial and digital inclusion to all around the globe. With that in mind, digital transformation and diversification will contribute tremendously in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

“Our government is committed to the task of digitalizing, transforming and diversifying our postal services in areas applicable to our small beautiful island,” Brand continued. “With the decrease in mail volumes inbound and outbound, we recognized that it is the way to go.

“In our quest to embrace new technologies for Post, management has been engaged in workshops overseas. We will be joining the St. Kitts Post Office shortly for International Postal System (IPS.Post) training during the month of October. IPS.Post provides end to end tracking of items as well as automated processing of dispatches track and trace; and Electronic Data.

“Interchange (EDI) messaging will be a counter automated system that will reduce transaction processing time, improve revenue collection and aid in satisfying our valued customers.”

The minister said he anticipates challenges during the transformation process.

“It is a task the management and staff at the Post Office on Nevis are preparing to face as we strive to remain visible and relevant in this fast changing environment,” Brand said.

The minister thanked the hard working and dedicated management team and staff of the Nevis Postal Services for their outstanding services over the years.

“Your contribution and service are recognized,” he said, “I admonish you to continue the good works despite the challenges you face as an entity. The people of Nevis and the economy depend on the excellent service you continue to provide.

“In addition, let me commend you for organizing the usual month of activities this year,” Minister Brand concluded. “I was happy to participate in the Awareness March on Sept. 28 and the Church Service at the Charlestown Methodist Church on Sept. 30.”

Brand said the ministry supports other activities slated during October, including morning devotions on Voice of Nevis (VON) Radio; the visit and gift presentation to the Cecele Browne Integrated School on Oct. 11; the Oct. 15 to 19 work experience exchange for officers between the General Post Office in St. Kitts and the Nevis Post Office; a Hike to the Nevis Peak Waterfalls on Oct. 27; Lunch sale on Oct. 24; and the Luncheon Awards Ceremony on Oct. 31.