Prime Minister and Constituency Representative for Number Seven meets with constituents in Phillip’s Village. Prayer warrior, Mrs. Sylvia Audain, holds a red umbrella.

BASSETERRE, St. KITTS — Phillip’s Village residents on Nov. 13 opened their doors and heart to their long-serving Area Parliamentary Representative Dr. the Hon Timothy Harris during a ‘meet and greet’ walk-through in the village as part of activities to mark the 25th anniversary of his service to the constituency and the country.

“I want to thank the scores of persons who turned out today for our meet and greet effort as part of our 25th anniversary celebratory activities,” said Dr. Harris who is also the Prime Minister of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. He was accompanied by members of the Constituency Number Seven Group on the walk that began at 5:00 p.m. and ended shortly before 7:30 p.m.

“Meeting the people where they are has been a fundamental part of our approach to parliamentary representation,” Dr. Harris said. “This affords multiple occasions and opportunities for the constituents to interact, engage and discuss. They can make recommendations for how to uplift themselves, their families and their communities. In this regard, this afternoon’s activity was in that same vein.”

Dr Harris noted the people he met were positively disposed. They appreciated the fact that the county has advanced; and that the constituency has advanced even more as a result of the vibrancy and energy he brought to their representation. He affirmed that he could not have done it without the quality support he has had from all the constituents.

“I am inspired by this to continue to do what I do best,” Dr. Harris said, “to work and serve the people, humbly, faithfully, and reliably. My goal is to use my best efforts to advance the people’s agenda.”

Also accompanying him during the walk-through, which was the first of a planned series of walk-throughs in the all the villages in Constituency Number Seven, were the PLP National Chairman Warren Thompson; PLP National Secretary Ms. Myrtilla Williams; PLP Women’s Arm Representative Mrs. Sonia Henry; PLP Youth Arm Representative Manasses Huggins; and PLP Founding Member William Phillip; and other members of the various PLP’s branch executives.

“I was happy to have, again, received the warmth and support of the constituents of Number Seven,” said Dr Harris. “Phillip’s Village in particular shows that the bond developed over the last 25 years certainly runs long and deep, and for that I want to say ‘thank you’. I thank the constituents for speaking candidly regarding issues that impact them at the individual and family level and also for their recommendations in terms of how we could advance the country.”

Prime Minister Harris thanked one of the villagers, Mrs Sylvia Audain, who offered a word of prayer to him and those accompanying him at the start of the ‘meet and greet’ walk-through. He observed that Mrs Audain was indeed a woman of God because what she did publicly (offer the prayer) is what she does on a daily basis.

“I feel buoyed by this experience,” Dr. Harris concluded. “I feel that the deep-rooted connectedness that has been part and is part of my legacy of service to the people that has been paying dividends, have paid dividends in the past, and it continues now to be of tremendous value and benefit. I say ‘thank you’ to them for being honest, for being forthcoming, but most of all for being part of the wonderful group of constituents I have had the pleasure of the last 25 years of serving.”