Senior Minister Vance Amory addressing ministry staff.

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – Delivering quality service to the public, addressing challenges and increasing efficiency were discussed on Aug. 24 during the Second Annual Professional Development Day at the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Ecclesiastical Affairs.

The theme was, “Igniting Team Spirit to Grow Together.” Working sessions began with reports from unit heads for Social Protection; Policy and Industrial Relations; Employment; and Occupational Safety and Health and Inspection. After the reports were completed, the finance officer gave a presentation.

Fitzroy Wilkin, Research Assistant specializing in Programme and Employment Development, guided the participants during in training sessions about Teamwork and Developing Professionalism in Service.

Acting Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Labour, Deon Webb, said training activities are vital to maintaining a competent and motivated workforce.

“How productive we are as a workforce has a lot to do with the ability and the availability of opportunities to acquire and maintain relevant skills,” Webb explained. “Equipping the workforce with the skills required for the job of today and those of tomorrow, is a strategic concern of the Ministry and Department of Labour. Skills development enhances employee’s capabilities to work and their opportunities at work, offering more scope for creativity and satisfaction at work.”

Webb added that: “human resources are the key to propelling the Ministry and Department of Labour forward and enhancing efficient service delivery.”

Minister of Labour, Social Security and Ecclesiastical Affairs, Honourable Vance Amory, honed in on the theme and noted that it was important first, to establish a team and second, to get everyone on the same page.

“You can expose people to training but if they are not willing to accept the training or being exposed to the training, apply the training, you are not going to get very far,” Amory explained. “Being exposed to the training, having a willingness to accept the training and having the willingness to apply the training as given is going to make the difference. That is what’s going to make team spirit what it should be, and that is going to help employees grow together.”

The senior minister encouraged the staff to grow the level of trust between each other because “no one knows everything about anything.” He said this will uplift the working environment and improve the service to the public.

The staff spent the afternoon at the Newtown Playing Field doing team-building exercises during 16 competitive games. The games included, needle and thread; lime and spoon; bobbing for apples; a watermelon-eating competition; and a sack race.