The incident at the Marriott, the full video is available at:

By Monique Washington

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts — A video making its rounds on social media has St. Kitts and Nevis residents in an uproar as it shows a Caucasians tourist beating a police officer at the Marriott Hotel.

The incident took place several nights ago at the entrance to the St. Kitts Marriott. It is unclear whether the tourist was a hotel guest. The male tourist and his female companion are seen arguing with uniformed police officers standing near the entrance of the hotel.

The male tourist hit one of the officers in his chest. Two officers walked off, but the male and his companion pursued them. The male returned to the entrance where an officer repeatedly slapped him.

Other officers stepped in and tried to restrain the male, but the female made an attempt to pull the officer away and began hitting him. The officers were able to handcuff the male. The female was also escorted outside the hotel while she yelled, “They don’t want to fight me”

On social media viewers are calling the incident disrespect towards the officers. One user said, “He looks wasted!

However that does not mean he should disrespect the hotel

Other guests and the police said the incident showed absolutely disgraceful behaviour from BOTH of them. Others commented: “I hope they get a hefty fine or jail time.” “The double standard. “I hope they were asked the leave.”

Another person said …”blacks have no one to stand up for them….perhaps the officers know that the law might treat them unfairly if they mishandle the whites…still living under slavery people.”

The Observer asked he Police Public Relations Officer if anyone was charged but he refused to answer saying, “A statement will be released.”

A few days prior to this incident a similar one took place during the Carnival’s Jouvert when officers attempted to break up a fight. An assailant turned and hit a Defense Force Officer in his face. In return, the officer began to beat the man with other officers lending a hand with several people attacking the officers.

Six people were later arrested and charged for the offence of Wounding With Intent.