A section of Phase 1 in the Bath Village Road Rehabilitation Project completed on Feb. 12.

CHARLESTOWN, Nevis — The Public Works Department and the Nevis Water Department Work has recommenced work on Nevis on road rehabilitation projects, which began in 2018, following their Christmas vacation.

Hon. Spencer Brand, Minister of Public Works, and Water in the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) said the ongoing road rehabilitation projects are being worked on in Brown Hill, Bath Village and Craddock Road.

“We are continuing on the Brown Hill Road Rehabilitation Project,” said Brand. “We have the main bridge to do next to the Seventh Day Adventist Church. We have some realignment to do. Now the surveyor is giving the points for the realignment, and that too is going to be ongoing very soon.

“In the Craddock Road area, we continue with our water enhancement part of the rehabilitation of the Craddock Road. Now, the Water Department is installing a 4-inch PVC main. We would have already made the connection from the by-pass road unto Craddock Road. That was done a week or two ago, and we are continuing along Craddock Road until we get to the area of Big Rock, that part is ongoing.”

Work also resumed on the Bath Village Road Rehabilitation Project, and on Feb. 13, the first section of Phase 1 of the project was completed. Work on the second section is slated for completion in six weeks.

Brand thanked those who are adversely affected by the ongoing road works.

“I want to use this opportunity to thank all of the residents and all the motorists for their patience and their understanding during the disruption.

“In Bath Village, there was some disruption for some time,” said Brand. “I want to thank the residents and the motorists for being patient with us, and in Craddock Road as well, I know it’s a bit dusty, and I hope that when all is said and done that they would be the ultimate beneficiaries of all that we are seeking to do.”