The Taiwanese Government received a special mention of appreciation from the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis in receiving an official design for the renovation of Carnival Village that will have it transformed into a multipurpose facility.  However, it was noted one issue has evolved regarding a smaller seating capacity than planned.

Speaking at a Carnival Town hall last week Minister of Culture, Hon. Shawn Richards stated that in 2017 the government received assistance from the Republic of China (Taiwan) in securing the proper architect.

” What I can say is that the Ministry during course of last year we were able to get assistance from the Taiwanese government in identifying an architect to look at the current carnival city and to give us a design for a facility that will not only become the home for carnival show but a home for basketball netball volleyball performing arts and office space,” Richards said.

He stated that the company doing the designs was the same organization that designed the Nevis Performing Arts Centre. Headed that in late November the architect came back to the ministry with a conceptual design of the facility.

Giving details on the proposed design Richards said it also feature office spaces, meeting room and a studio. “The ground floor will be a multi-purpose area that could house volleyball, basketball and netball and a pull out stage among others. On the first floor there will be an arts and crafts area, conference room, meeting rooms, five offices, teaching area and studio.”

Richards added that on the second floor there will be a VIP area, consisting of offices, a broadcast area, among other spaces.

He however noted that the government was not satisfied with the capacity in the designs and asked the designers to improve in that regard. “When the design was presented to the Ministry we were not too happy with the seating capacity and we asked the architect to make an increase and we are waiting an update on that plan.

He continued, “The plan submitted provides for a seating capacity totalling 1,210 persons we are not satisfied with that amount and so we have said to the architect that seating capacity to accommodate around 3,000 persons would be the preference.

“This is what we are looking at in terms of the future home for carnival, performing arts and sporting activities which I would have named,” Richards indicated.

He however, did not give a timeline or cost for the project and indicated that carnival maybe held in the Warner Park cricket stadium later this year.