Ear piercing has been practiced since ancient time. You need to take extreme care of your ear after ear piercing. Here are some helpful tips for ear piercing aftercare.

Ear piercing is one of the most popular types of piercing. In some countries, ear piercing is associated with religion. Piercing in upper portion of external ear is known as cartilage piercing. Common sites for ear piercing other than earlobe are tragus, rook and across the helix.

How Ear Piercing is Performed?

Ear piercing can be done using various methods. During piercing procedure, an opening is created in the earlobe with a sharp object. Some commonly used methods for ear piercing are standard needle method, indwelling cannula method, dermal punching and piercing gun. Nowadays, piercing gun is more frequently used for ear piercing. Care should be taken that piercing instrument should be sterilized properly and piercer should wear gloves during the piercing procedure. Titanium and surgical stainless steel are considered as ideal materials for initial jewelry.

Ear Piercing Aftercare

Ear piercing usually heals completely within 8-10 weeks in most people, if aftercare is done properly. However, upper ear cartilage piercing can give rise to many problems. Small lumps and granulomas around the piercing are commonly found. Here are some helpful tips for ear piercing aftercare:

*        Clean the piercing once a day, preferably in shower. If you clean it more times, it can affect your body’s natural defense to heal itself.

*        Rinse the piercing with saline in order to remove the crust, which is developed from accumulated lymph.

*        Take care that your hair should not disturb the piercing. It can transmit the hair products, oil, dirt, bacteria and other irritants into the piercing wound.

*        Be careful while using shampoos and hair care products. Protect your piercing from these products as they can cause irritation or inflammation. You should use perfume-free or dye-free products when your ear piercing is in healing stage.

*        Keep the pillowcase more clean so that bacteria don’t breed and infect the wound.

*        Healthy lifestyle can help to heal the piercing more rapidly. You need to stay away from alcohol and drugs. You should have healthy and balanced diet.

*        Have vitamin B along with zinc, which fastens healing process. Addition of multivitamin to your diet can promote healing by boosting immunity.

Things to Avoid in Aftercare

*        Don’t frequently touch the piercing except when cleaning it. A gentle rotating of jewelry is necessary in order to avoid crusting. Wash your hands properly before you touch it.

*        Don’t remove piercing at least for first three months to provide optimum time for healing and prevent the wound from getting damaged.

*        Avoid use of witch hazel, alcohol or hydrogen peroxide on healing piercing, as they can cause scarring in the tender flesh of ear.

*        Avoid applying any ointment on the wound. It should be kept dry as much as possible.

*        Avoid keeping the headphones, telephones, hats and reading glasses, until piercing totally heals. If they come in contact with the piercing wound, they can cause irritation.

*        Avoid using public telephones, as it can cause transmission of bacteria.

Follow these tips for ear piercing aftercare and you will be able to adorn your ears with beautiful earrings.