By L.K. Hewlett

Deputy Prime Minister The Hon. Sam Condor officially declared open the month of May as Health and Family Life Education Month.

The launch was held at the Sandy Point High School on Sunday.

“The Ministry of Education recognises Health and Family Life Education as an integral and critical component of the Ministry’s master plan to inculcate moral and ethical values in our young people,” Minister said. “Education in this area helps them approach their learning and their roles in school and in society in a manner that is conducive to individual, familial, societal, and collective growth.”

Minister Condor announced that as part of the New CXC Secondary Level Programme, the Ministry of Education would offer Health and Family Life Education as an elective subject. The Health and Family Life Education programme is largely skills based and through its varied modules, is thought to develop personal and interpersonal skills through a process of self-awareness.

“This type of education assists in providing moral or religious instruction in schools. It fills the void created by the failure of too many parents to teach their children issues of right and wrong, and also the need for value consensus in society,” Deputy Prime Minister Condor added. “I believe in the inherent value of this area of Education. At the Sandy Point High School, and other schools where it forms a part of the curriculum, there has been much evidence of the utility of this type of education.”

Minister Condor went on to commend and congratulate those who have pioneered the introduction of Health and Family Life Education in the Sandy Point School’s curriculum and carried it through over the years.

The Sandy Point High School celebrates its 20th year since the introduction of Health and Family Life Education into the school’s curriculum; an achievement worthy of celebration, and which challenges other institutes of learning to emulate.