Hon. Roberto Hector

By Monique Washington

The Law office of Hector and Nisbett has signed to defend Esa Slack, the man accused of attacking the Speaker in the National Assembly Michael Perkins.

The Observer confirmed with Robelto Hector on Wednesday that his firm is in fact defending Mr. Slack.

On May 21, Slack allegedly attacked and beat Speaker Perkins less than 10 feet from the Charlestown Police Station door. The speaker received minor injuries. After the incident, Slack was admitted to the J. N. France General Hospital Psychiatric Ward in St. Kitts, where he was “receiving treatment” under police custody before being remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP). He was bailed shortly after.

Charges that Slack will face in October include battery and using threatening language.

During Slack’s first appearance at the Magistrate Court after the incident, Police Prosecutor Inspector Eurita Collins-Percival requested that he be further remanded to Her Majesty’s prison in St. Kitts and informed the court that he was charged with “threatening to kill.”

The magistrate informed the Police Prosecutor that “no such charge is before this court. “He was remanded for possession of cannabis,” Magistrate Clarke told the Prosecutor. Slack however has since received bail.

Slack’s case as appeared a number of times on the Magistrate’s Court List but has been rescheduled multiple times. The Observer understands that Slack’s case was placed on the list at the Magistrate Court last Friday but was not heard.

The Observer contacted the Hon Speaker Perkins who noted he will continue to appear in court until his case is heard and assured “right” will prevail.

“Right will prevail. I will speak the truth and nothing but the truth and the Magistrate (Yasmine Clarke) will decide,” he said.

The Observer understands Slack’s case is listed for Friday (Feb 10) at the Magistrate Court in Charlestown,