I am an crazy caribbean gospel music fan and artist, and have attened Jubilee for the past two years. Christian people of St.Kitts,…..what is the problem?? St.Kitts music festival comes around and everyone does not mind paying $40USD a night. However when it comes to Jubilee you dont want to pay $20ECD a night?? Anyone see anything wrong with this picture?? Bringing in caribbean gospel artist every year is not 2cents it cost a lot of money. The Jubilee City should be RAM PACK EVERY NIGHT with the children of God showing the world that we can have a good time too, ( In the Lord that is. )……and monies should not be an issue. Jubilee is THE BEST Gospel event that happens every year on the island of St.kitts, and every year with dissapointment the support is not there. When I say support I mean STANDING ROOM ONLY!! Thats what I want to see. People standing from Shoulder to Shoulder. Bro Nigel has even gone as far as to give us a free first night. Does St.kitts Music Festival give you a free night?? As far as I know they don’t. Correct me if I am wrong.  Nigel Browne is doing a tremendous job and is working his butt off along with his committee to make sure that Jubilee comes forth every year.  However, don’t you think its time for him to stop working so hard to make sure that WE the “CHILDREN OF GOD” supports his ministry?? He has great plans to build a complex that will benifit all of St.Kitts, but without your help this cannot get done. For the pastors and their congregation that has supported Jubilee in the past thank you for supporting the man of God and his vision, especially for young people. Without a vision the people perish. I for one ( st. thomian accent ) will support this man for the rest of my life. I will start spreading the world about Jubilee throughout the caribbean so that everyone that loves to hear good caribbean music can come to Jubilee every year ( Just like St.Kitts music festival. ). They will attend and have a great time in the Lord.  This coming Jubilee,….everyone bring one. Save a few dollars from now St.kitts , and come to at least four nights of Jubilee THIS YEAR!!! See you in December!!

Julie Merrifield