By Curtis Isles.

The concerned Citizen Movement ; CCM, has so far served the island of Nevis with distinction. Who could believe that only fourteen years has elapsed since that cloud of hope floated across  the country on June 2, 1992 a new CCM government  was elected. The vast developments that have taken place during those years speak volumes. All those major projects that have already being completed and those that are currently on stream are clear indicators that this is indeed the government for the new millennium. It has been a movement of building, shaping and molding ever since the government took of fice. The whole idea is not just to boost the islands’ economy but for the future developments for all the people who are fortunate to have such a caring team. This government was described as a pregnant mother with promises for just after few months in office. The promises were not hijacked. No objection took place. The pregnancy was long. The time of labor was hard, but it birth finally took place.

The whole of Charlestown waterfront has improved magnificently. We see the strengthening and widening of the passengers pier, land with protected sea  wall for the safety of businesses and houses in that immediate vicinity. A bypass road to ease traffic congestion. Namely the Samuel Hunkins Drive. Additional parking spaces gar surrounded with good landscape where nationals and visitors can relax with pri de. The construction of a deep water port at Long Point with an accessible highway. The port is one of the best in the region and was once a transshipment port for the famous Bermuth Lines in 2005. the port also won the Nova Port Cap Award held in St. Lucia. Significant transformation at the Vance W. Amory International Airport we see the extension of the runway, the construction of a state of the art control tower and terminal building. Tremendous improvement to the islands’ main road including resurfacing  and remodeling of the stretch from New Castle to Market Shop via Charlestown and other secondary roads. Great effort for a more stabilized electricity supply under the new management NEVLEC. Major works done on government buildings including the restoration of the Treasury building which is now the home of the Tourism Office. The expansion and the restoration of the Post Office. The restoration of the Cotton House which i s now transformed into a shopping complex.

There are major improvements in health care; we see major upgrading and expansion at the Alexandria Hospital.  There is a brand new lab, emergency and out-patient wing. A brand new state of the art infirmary namely Flamboyant Home where families can place their loved ones if needs be, where they will be given good care away from their original homes.

This government was also instrumental in getting the medical school at Pot Works opened. The school is now well established and is now stretching its wings on sight. A number of persons in that area have now been investing in the field of apartment buildings, restaurants and car rentals as a result. Major works including expansion and upgrading in the two high schools. A new primary school at Cumbermere Community, The Violet O Nicholls Primary School. The commencement of one for the St. James Community and repair works done on others. The introduction of “Agriculture Open Day” which each year gets bigger and better promoting agriculture in all areas. Under this government we also see the service of hot meal feeding programme for senior citizens. Significant boost to the offshore banking industry which is generating millions per year in revenue. We also see the commencement of affordable housing, low and middle income where nationals can own a piece of the rock.

All these developments have increased employment significantly and reduced unemployment to the lowest in the islands’ history. There are more developments which have taken place under this caring government, however my space is limited. It has really  been fourteen years of good governing.