Twelve calypsoinans will battle it out on the White Hall hard court for the 2017 Winfes Calypso Crown.

The last calypso show was in 2012 during Winfes, a parish festival held in St. James now in its 11th year.

Winfes officially opened last night with the opening ceremony. Eleven calypsoians – Hollywood, Invincible, Lady Hammon, All Out, Daddy Nature, King Sookie, Westside, Mighty J, Prince Akedo, Rako B and Young J. – will seek to dethrone reigning king Lusman.

The director of Community Development, Janette Maloney, told the Observer that this year the Department of Community Development decided to partner with the Winfest committee since community festivals fall under the mandate of Community Development.

“We realized over the years the festival would have had more party-like activities and the absence of the calypso show and even the opening ceremony,” said Maloney. “Because it is a community festival, we want to cater to the needs of [people] in the community so there are more varieties [of people to be entertained]. So, we decided to assist with the calypso show [and our] department is coordinating the [it]. We are hoping that with the return of the calypso show, next year it would be taken up by the committee and they will continue with it.”

She added that Community Development was instrumental in reviving Gingerama and the St Thomas’ festival, saying that “this year, we turned out attention to Winfes.”

Calypsoinans scheduled to perform are not all from the St.James area, Maloney said. “They are all not from the Winward side, although, in the future, we are hoping that more [people] from the St. James community will part take in the calypso show.”

Maloney said that “over the years, Winfes would have always partnered with St.Thomas in terms of putting a calypso show together and the status quo did not change; it continues. So, we have partnerships with Calypsoians out of St.Thomas.”

Maloney encouraged all Nevisians to come out to the show.

“Even though it is in St. James, it is not limited to just St. James Parish,” she said. “It is for the whole of Nevis. It is culture and it encourages socialization amongst community members. It provides an opportunity to socialize.”

Maloney said that she is expecting the show to be rather entertaining, energetic and enlightening because of the calypsonians, who will be tapping into current issues. “It will be unique,” she said, “[and] one that you will not forget, ever.”