By S. Williams

Park Hyatt, a new luxury resort set to open in St. Kitts this year, held a job fair on Saturday, Jan. 28 at the Methodist Church Hall in Nevis. According to General Manager for St. Kitts Julian Moore, the company was very pleased with the crowd turnout of 139 persons who attended the initial application and ensuing interview process at the fair.

“We were very pleased with that. We were probably expecting more in the hundreds but the last time we got 120 – 130 for our information day a few months ago when we also came across to Nevis,” Mr. Moore stated.

“We were pleased with it but the challenge was the fact that we’re still looking at options in terms of transport. We’re in discussions with a potential provider. If that comes off then the staff will be able to get a reasonably priced transport as it’s very important for getting between the islands.”

In terms of employment positions there are currently 50 – 60 still available but several of those would have multiples. So the company is still taking into account about another 100 positions. In total the hotel staff is expected to be about 250 and training will be provided in the window the company has available.

Moore said in that case of someone having a background in hospitality there is already a base level where training can be provided.  However for persons who have no background in hospitality, training will start from the beginning level.

When questioned about whether preference will be given to nationals from St. Kitts and Nevis, Moore toldThe Observer that currently there is a 94 per cent local hire with only executive team members not being from the Federation. Normally in an opening hotel company there is  a more balanced ratio between foreign and local but the company is trying to maximize local hire providing they have the necessary experience and aptitudes that are compatible with the company’s products.

He said from the 12 member recruiting team that visited Nevis, two of those members came from Nevis and two from St. Kitts.

By the end of February the persons who attended the job fair can expect to be contacted with regards to whether they will be moving forward or not. For the ones who will be moving forward, they will be scheduled for final interviews. Successfully candidates will get 30 days of training before the resort opens and any existing vacancies will be listed on the company’s website where interested persons can apply online.