By Monique Washington 

A 15-year-old youth pled guilty in Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday to wounding another young man by cutting his hand for refusing to transport his drugs.

A Charlestown juvenile faced the Magistrate Yasmine Clarke and told the court he was very sorry for what he did. He pleaded guilty to wounding.

According to the facts presented by Police Prosecutor Inspector Eurita Collins-Percival, on March 23 the accused juvenile called another youngster to his house. The defendant asked the young boy to carry some drugs for him to New Castle. The young man refused, saying he would get in trouble with his mother.

After the youngster refused the defendant asked the younger boy to put his hand in a flower pot outside the front door and told him if he did it he would pay him $5. When the boy attempted to put his hand in the pot, the defendant grabbed him and pulled him into the house.

The 15-year-old brought a black-handled knife from the kitchen and cut the boy’s hand. The youngster ran from the house screaming, got on his bike and went home. His parents reported the incident to the authorities. When the house was searched, the black-handled knife was found and the defendant was charged.

Magistrate Clarke asked the defendant what punishment he received from his parents. He told the court, “They talked to me and told me not to do it again.” He told the court he was sorry and “didn’t think it would have reached so far.”

The victim who was attacked was sent off-island after the incident.

After the young man spoke, Magistrate Clarke told him if he was older she would have sent him to jail.

“I am giving you a chance. Make good use of it and do not come back again for anything like this,” she warned the youth.

The defendant was convicted and fined $800, to be paid in three months or face one month in prison.

Thus far a number of juveniles have been caught with drugs. Just a few weeks earlier, a nine year old Bath Village resident was caught trying to sell marijuana to his schoolmates for two dollars. High School student have also been found in possession of the illegal drug.